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The museum was founded in 1967 and presented exhibits from prehistory to the 20th century. Over the decades, the museum became a full city block, displaying exhibits on the history of South Texas and the state of Texas. After the Texas Museum of Natural History opened in Houston in 1990, it was renamed the Museum of South Texas History to better reflect its regional reach, according to its website. For more information, including information about becoming a friend, call 1-956-383-6911 or email museum @ museum of South Texas History. I think this is my favorite museum in Texas so far, it's pretty big and beautiful, and I think it's the favorite museum of all museums in South Texas. The prison is still part of the museum, but is currently closed for renovations and will not reopen until late this year or early next year. The Hidalgo County Jail, built in 1910, was designed in Spanish Mission Revival style and is the cornerstone of the Museum of South Texas History. The prison of 1910 has since been acquired by the newly organized Hidatsa County Historical Museum, which acquired it as part of its expansion into a museum. The successful growth of the museum led to the construction of the north wing, which was built in 1976-77 as a two-hundred-year project. Speaking of renovations, in 2003 the museum completed a $5.5 million renovation that included a 22,500-square-foot wing. When the renovations were completed, the name was changed to Museum of South Texas History to reflect the fact that it represents the history of the entire region. On rainy, cold and windy days you have to find something to do indoors, and luckily you find it in Edinburgh. It is so easy to enjoy the beautiful view from the main entrance of the museum on the south side of the city, but on rainy, cold or windy days you need a short walk or a quick walk through the park or parking lot to find something inside. At the Museum of South Texas, you can discover the history of the city, its people and its history in general. The museum houses a collection of artifacts from across the state of Texas and the entire region. It is a well done trip and you will admire a lot of interesting and interesting exhibits, such as a museum of art, history, architecture, art history and more. You get to know things in the area that you had no idea about, and you have a sense of history that no one else can get to. In a house built in the 1830s, you can experience everything in this historic house museum. Next door you will find exhibits that explore the culture, demographics and history of the region. The museum is also a historic landmark of Texas, which once served as the capital of the Republic of Rio Grande. The museum not only reflects a bygone era, but also houses the Museum of South Texas History, the largest museum of its kind in Texas. The cornerstone of the museum complex was originally what is now called the 1910 prison, but in McAllen that can be forgotten. The Museum of South Texas History is located in the former prison building at the corner of East Main Street and East Texas Avenue. It's lost to the rest of Texas, as well as many other cities and towns across the state. Originally opened as a Hidalgo County jail, the now-expanded Museum of South Texas History in McAllen, Texas, recalls the valley's rich history. Visitors can explore the old prison by immersing themselves in the history of the county, its history and its citizens. In 1908, the citizens of Hildegard County voted to move the county town from the river town of Hidal to the newly founded inland town of Chapin. The son of the Texas-Mexico border, he believed that the valley was the crossroads of all Americas and an important part of his family's history. The exhibition features an advanced multimedia component and bilingual texts relating to the history of the region and European colonization. Guajardo succeeds Shan Rankin, who has led the museum for more than 30 years as director of the Museum of South Texas History and the Texas Historical Commission. During her tenure, the museum was accredited by the American Alliance of Museums and evolved from a small county museum to a widely respected regional history museum. Under her leadership, a museum complex that now occupies more than a block of town developed, participated in several capital campaigns to acquire adjacent properties, restored the historic building of the Edinburgh Historical Commission and its historic park, and became one of the largest and widely respected regional history museums in the state. Located on the corner of Ed inburg's inner city square, this museum was opened in 1987 and expanded by three main exhibition areas.

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