Advanced Texas Holdem – 3 Tips To Figuring Out Your Opponents Cards

There is a good-enough method of figuring out your opponents cards – making it as if you could see right through the back of them. And I’m going to share with you some tips on how to be able to do this a lot easier and a lot faster.

Advanced Texas Holdem X-Ray Vision Tip #1

The first thing to do is find out the range of cards you opponents will play. Most players don’t even bother with poor cards like 7-2, 8-3, 6-2 – you know the ones, the ones that no one plays. So you can cross these off.

Advanced Texas Holdem X-Ray Vision Tip #2

A good trick to further narrow it down is to just count how many pots your opponent will play at pre-flop. Add up your own too. Now, the players that play more pots than you are more loose and the players that play less than you are more tight. So you can use your own starting hand info to calculate their general starting hands as well.

Advanced Texas Holdem X-Ray Vision Tip #3

Another great tip is to constantly check and verify. There are multiple ways of doing this. Firstly, you should be watching when any player goes to the showdown and note what cards they win with when they show them. You’ll probably see a lot of paint and pocket pairs, but especially note if anyone wins with something else.

Secondly, and this is a slightly more expensive route, but when you play down to a showdown and aren’t too confident, you might just call your opponents raise to see his cards. You know you’ll probably lose and you should probably fold, but it is sometimes often very good to see what he has and keep him honest.

I’m sure you are becoming more aware that there are some very effective, albeit sneaky ways to figure out what cards you opponents have. And you are probably realizing that there are a lot more than you have thought of or know.

That’s why I want to make the point that you should go out and find more of these advanced Texas Holdem tips and tricks, because when you find and learn these you become a very good poker player very quickly. So please, never turn down an opportunity to learn how to play poker better, because when you constantly do you become a very bad poker player.

And those who are always learning and reading become very good poker players.

Advanced Texas Holdem – 3 Tips On How To Play Aggressively

Do you wonder how to play aggressively very easily? Well these advanced Texas Holdem tips will teach you how now.

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Twitter Tips For Marketing in the Horse Industry

I have learned a long time ago, that I have to not only remember the customer’s name, but more importantly I absolutely have to remember the customers horse’s name as well. All my clients thoroughly enjoy the fact that I recall their horse, what they were working on, and what they were up to the last time that we met.

Rule number one: you have to spend more time with your on-line customers, before you can promote your on-line equine business or attempt to make a sale. You have to make a personal connection.

How to get Horse followers on Twitter

First, You need followers. Start by following the leaders that are on twitter that are within the horse community. You will soon see that the horse community likes to follow the brands that they recognize on Twitter. Search such words as Horse, Equine, Rodeo, barrel, cowgirl, or cowboy: you get the point. Just look for and start following the leaders. Of Course, please look up me, (Knotatail).
Send replies back to them and talk with them. Don’t twitter just about what you had for breakfast, but get involved. It is a time to offer advice and help. Treat them like they are family and a customer that is face to face with you. It is easy to forget that they are a lot more than an on-line “SALE” so learn to b e more interactive and personal.
Make sure you upload a avatar (picture). If you have read other on-line marketing advice, you have most likely been told to up-load a picture of yourself, but what I have found out is that more people follow me when I have horse picture loaded or my western Hat logo. However, after 20 years in the equine marketing community, I have learned that customers remember the name of my horse before they will remember mine. This transfers over to the on-line horse Community as well. So use this to your advantage, get a horse picture up.

Be courteous to your Twitter followers Learn the right way Express Yourself on Twitter that keeps them coming back!

Make sure you follow everyone back. I also do not send an automatic reply. I take a look at their profile and I find a way to make it personal. This takes time, but it is like meeting your customer at the door, and personally greeting them. Getting to know them is totally worth the extra efforts by creating a totally loyal client base. Trust me; they will remember you, because you are stepping out from what everyone else is doing. Beside, following them is just courteous. More Twitters will respond to you and everyone who follows them will see this. This just transfers into more equine customers into follow you and what you are doing. Besides Twitter has rules how many must be following you as a percent to how many you follow, so you need to make sure you find a way that they will take the trouble to check you out.
It has been said that the Twitter mantra is ABL (“Always Be Linking”). Find interesting items, stories, pictures, and articles to share with you horse friends on twitter. YOU Be the Source to your twitter world for horse Topics. You can check out sites like StumbleUpon to help you find horse related topics. However, if you head for some of the horse sites you will find an endless variety of topics. I like horse tweets, and Club Equestrian, both of which I encourage you to join. You can find numerous great horse forums that have hundreds of horse topics. Get outstanding results and attract even more clients by doing searches in topics that you are familiar with. Link-into topics that you excel in and you will quickly find new ways to be connected with your customers in more attractive ways besides promoting your business. You will find yourself getting exceptional results by becoming more attractive to your fellow Horse Twitters and become totally with horse people from around the world.

Don’t use twitter just to tell the world what you had for breakfast this morning. If you want to connect with more customers, you have to show them that you care about them, and that you are not just there to sell them something.
I learned this lesson the hard way. When I first started using twitter, I sent out way too many ads and links to my own site, and I actually lost several hundred fellow Tweeters in one afternoon. I know that I get tired of someone always trying to sell me something. Just remember, make it all about them, and you will see a steady increase in your results.

These are just the start for increasing your marketing result in the Horse Industry. There are many simple rules you can easily follow to quickly increase on-line sales. If you have any suggestion or comments, I would love to hear from you.

Come for a visit our horse forum and community page or post your greatest horse story, suggestions and let me know if there is any thing else you would like to see on our site. We want to exceed all of your expectations, so why not stop by and tell us what you needs, dreams and desires. Always here to help: Happiest of trails
CEO Knot-A-Tail

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Horse Trailer Towing Tips

When a horse needs to be transported, the driver moving the horse needs to be adequately equipped to handle such a situation.

Three important considerations come to mind when transporting a horse. The driver should have an understanding of the type horse they are moving (since some are more spirited than others), the horse trailer the horse is going to travel in, and the type vehicle doing the transporting.

One of the most important aspects of towing horse trailers is to make sure that the towing vehicle is rated high enough to pull the combined weight of both the trailer and the horse. Once the trailer is properly attached to the towing vehicle it is a good idea for the individual to test the trailer and vehicle combination and drive it around a little bit before loading up the horse. This way a person can get used to the trailer being attached while driving.

The next thing is to make some final changes before loading the animal. Some additional considerations would include the adjusting any of the air vents, and to double check for any problems on the inside of the trailer like sharp corners, or problems with the flooring. Basically to avoid anything that could cause distress to the animal, and cause it to panic. Then one needs to bring in the horse to be loaded. When tying the horse in it’s a good idea to make sure there is some slack in the rope to keep the horse comfortable and to help prevent neck injuries in case of an accident.

Once the horse is loaded, it’s time to do a little bit of test driving. It’s best to drive a few miles and then pull over to make sure the towing hitch and everything else with the trailer and horse are okay. If it is a long journey, then periodic checks should be carried out. When moving horses its best to take it slow when accelerating, decelerating, taking corners, and making lane changes. The animals have to get use to every move. When it comes to towing horse trailers its best to take everything slowly.

Horses are very easily scared so the smoother the drive, the better for the animals welfare. When the destination is reached it is much easier to handle an animal that is in a calm state than one that is suffering from stress. If the experience is a pleasurable one, it’ll be a lot easier to get the animal back in the trailer for the return journey.

Datatag is a specialist trailer insurance provider. All policies are underwritten at Lloyds of London. Datatag trailer specialises in all kinds of trailer related cover. We also provide catering trailer, vehicle trailer and horse trailer insurance.

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