Stealing the Show

Heading into Phoenix this weekend, the competition will have to focus on beating the Hendrick Motorsports organization. Mr. Hendrick’s cars have won the last four events held at the raceway and are coming off back-to-back wins for the organization at Martinsville and Texas.

The man holding the trophy in Phoenix the last three races has been defending series champion Jimmie Johnson. The driver of the No. 48 Lowe’s Chevrolet has figured something out about the track in the desert of Arizona.

Going for his fourth win in a row at the track, Johnson will be a factor for sure. In this event last year, the three-time defending champion led 120 laps en route to his victory, while he simply dominated the event later that year leading 217 of the 313 laps.

For Jeff Gordon, Phoenix played host to one of his most memorable victories. Taking the win during 2007 Subway Fresh Fit 500, Gordon tied the late Dale Earnhardt on the all-time win list with 76. Last weekend in Texas, the four-time Cup Series champion added to that number and broke his winless streak. Now with 82 victories, Gordon can tie Cale Yarborough for fifth on the all-time win list with a victory this weekend.

“I’ve accomplished more than I ever thought I would in this sport,” Gordon explained. “To be in the same neighborhood as some of the all-time greats of NASCAR just blows me away.”

Along with being within one win of tying Yarborough, Gordon is only two wins behind Bobby Allison and Darrell Waltrip – who are tied for third on the all-time win list.

“I’m sure they had the same feeling when winning a race,” Gordon went on to say. “Once you’ve accomplished that, you want to win again.”

These two drivers are some of the best to grace the sport of NASCAR. Whether you love them or hate them, the fact is they know how to get the job done and do it week-in and week-out. The pair now sits atop the point standings, with Gordon leading Johnson by 162 points. Both of these teams have shown in the past they are prone to hit a hot streak, so the competition better watch out this weekend as the Hendrick teammates once again try to steal the show.

Jay W. Pennell

Show Jumping Horses for Sale ? Everything You Need to Know

Let’s first understand the term “Show-Jumper”. The term is used to describe a horse which is used in the sport, known as Show Jumping. These jumping competitions are staged all across the world at different standards and are very popular as well. And when it comes to the venues where these competitions are held, they are the places with elaborate colored fences, often with turns and changes of direction. Here the rider is expected to complete the course within a set time-period and without any faults. The sport is difficult and therefore, riders look for well bred horses.

Show Jumping Horses for Sale: These show-jumpers (horses) vary in sizes and ability. A novice rider would look for a horse with an average ability, while a more experienced one will need a show-jumper of great ability. Needless to say, an advanced show jumper must be able to jump large obstacles and complete the course within the preset time. And this is why it is of paramount importance to buy a horse only once you have done a complete market research.

Ask Experts: If you are looking for show jumping horses for sale, it is a good idea to take the opinion of experts. Without any doubt, they are the people who know the best when it comes to choosing an ideal horse for show jumping.

Online Research: At present, there are numerous online portals where you can browse and place order for the horse which you find the best. Backed up by horse-professionals, these online portals come out with a range of well bred, good quality foals, yearlings, 2 and 3 year old horses for sale.

It is also important to buy show jumping horses from reliable horse professionals. In simple words, a lot of planning and research should go in, before you point your finger on a particular horse.

GB Sport Horses for Sale is an online portal where one can browse and buy well bred, good quality Show Jumping Horses for Sale


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Brand Spanking Used Horse Show Clothing – How to Get Quality Looks For Less

Why choose to shop for used horse show clothing? If you have ever fallen in love with an outfit only to experience a sudden case of sticker shock when you see the price tag; used clothing may be another avenue you may want to consider.

Let’s face it, horses and everything about them are expensive. We crazy horse people are often thought to be on another planet when we decided to put off minor car or home repairs to buy a new show halter or headstall.

Show clothes are just another piece of that pile of horse show expenses. Below we will be discussing where you can shop for used show clothing along with some helpful tips when picking the right clothes for you.

Online Shopping

Using your computer to research and purchase many items for your horse, including show clothing, has been gaining in popularity in recent years. The internet can grant you more power by offering you more knowledge on specific pieces of horse show clothes.

The internet can provide you pricing information and the ability to compare prices without the hassle of driving around. You can then use this information to purchase off the internet or when shopping in a store.

When looking for this information on the internet there are a few sources to consider. Many businesses that custom make horse show clothes will likely have some used pieces for sale.

You also have the option to check the many online auction sites. eBay is by far the largest market place for used horse show clothing. With the larger auction sites you have many more choices available to you.

There are also regular classified ads you choose from on the internet for clothing. Some ads from private parties selling clothes they no longer need with other ads from businesses selling gently used pieces.

Because you are buying straight off your computer make sure you are confident in measuring yourself for clothing. It would be disappointing to buy something and have it not fit when you get it home.

Offline Shopping

If you feel you need see and touch what you are buying, then you may want to focus your efforts into shopping offline. If you decide to go this route, you can still use the internet to compare prices before heading to the store. This will help give you an idea of what you can expect to spend and keep you on a little bit of a budget.

Tack shops may have a consignment area where you can find used horse show clothing along with other things. Tack sales are another option if you have any in your area. You may have a chance to bargain with the seller for a lower price.

If you know of anyone near you that makes horse show clothing, it may be a good idea to let that person know what you are looking for and in what price range. They spend a lot of time talking to people about show clothing and may come across something that works for you.

Buyer Beware

Whether you choose to shop online or offline, make sure you smart shopping sense. If it seems too good to be true, it most likely is. When shopping online make sure you research return policies. Some sellers will offer a return option and some won’t. Although the clothes you are shopping for are used, you can still spend a pretty penny for quality items.

Any reputable seller will have a return policy. If you are looking at purchasing something from a private party they may be less willing to take the item back.

Make sure you have a really good sense of your personal measurements and what types of colors and patterns work well for you. Please visit our website for more information on shopping for used horse show clothing.

With these helpful used horse show clothingshopping tips, and others from Stock Horse Show Source you can get quality looks for at lot less.

Looking for more helpful shopping tips? Lynn Espinoza invites you to check out for more information on finding the right fit, color, and price when shopping for used horse show clothing. Join us for our complimentary monthly newsletter, The All-Arounder and get your free printable horse show checklist.

Show Jumps – The Ultimate Challenge For Horse And Rider

Show jumping is one of the most spectacular forms of equestrianism and is one of the most widely known and recognisable sport. If you attend any kind of outdoor show during the summer months you are almost certain to see a show jumping competition, hugely favoured by competitors and spectators alike. Indeed, show jumping is an established Olympic sport, which carries recognition at the highest levels.

This sport is designed to show the affinity between the horse and its rider, the levels of performance, agility, ambition, training and coordination. A course is laid out with a number of different show jumps in a variety of different combinations and structures. There will be a number of different changes of direction, together with a requirement for the horse and rider to change tempo from time to time to be able to clear those numerous obstacles in the correct order. The ultimate purpose is to achieve a clean jumping record over the course in the best time possible.

The beauty and diversity of show jumping is in the number of different horse jumps that are set out and the combinations thereof. For example, you can expect to find different vertical variations, double and triple combinations and to set the stage the rider is allowed to look at the course before the actual competition itself. As could be expected, the more important the competition itself, the more technical the course will be.

While there are many rules and regulations, points or “faults” are basically deducted when the horse refuses to jump, or there’s a knockdown with these points being added to a competitor’s score accordingly. If any show jump construction is damaged as a result of a poor jump or a refusal, additional penalties are added, due to the amount of time it takes the organisers to replace everything.

There are an amazing number of different show jumps available and you can always create a course that will be unique and challenging for the competitors, no matter how “veteran” they may be. You can choose plastic show jumps or timber show jumps in a variety of different designs and colours. Show jumps are also configured according to the BSJA specification.

To give an idea of the variety available you can select blocks, poles, wings, planks, fillers, water trays, ladders, gates and all can be configured in a variety of combinations to produce a truly spectacular end result. As this type of event is very photogenic, often attracts a large number of spectators and is really made-for-TV, sponsor graphics and other messages can be added to those plastic jumps or timber jumps to help with the event’s commercial viability.

Many a young rider aspires to the show jumping circuit, yet a lot of practice and application is required first. It’s vital that the rider really knows the horse and that the correct attire and equipment is selected. There is scarcely anything more exhilarating in equestrianism, however, than achieving a clean run and “besting” your competitive class. This is truly a case of the horse and the rider working together.

Nick Morgan is a renowned professional when it comes to the details relating to show jumps. To find out more information about horse jumps, go to the web site at …

You Will Love Using Horse Show Number Holders

Arena Number holders are a fantastic new product. They are extremely elegant and will exceed all of your expectations. Once you see how easy they are to use, and their exceptional beauty, you will want them for all of your any class from the pleasure classes to all the gaming classes to reining and trail classes.

The Number holders are Exceptionally Elegant for the halter and showmanship classes as well.

All of the arena Number clips are quick and easy to put on and off, so at those few moments between wardrobe change, you find out that they can save you a lot of time and limit your stress and frustration.

These add presence and Pizza to all of your Show outfit. You will quickly discover that they are Perfect for both Western as well as the English classes.

The number holders come in a variety incredible beautiful styles and designs to match any riding discipline.

You can find all the number holders in Magnets, Pin backs, clips or cuff styles for blankets.

I love the magnets. They are heavy duty and you really have to give them a pull to get them off. Their unsurpassed quality allows them to will stay put and you can have the utmost confidence that they hold your number totally in place.

You can also order any of the styles in Cuff link backs so you can attach them to your saddle pads without any damage to the threads of your expensive show blanket. No pins to try to get them through your blanket any longer.

Nothing could be faster or easier to attach and use.

Quickly Enhance your show outfits with Arena Number Holders:

Find out for yourself on how quickly you will fall in love with this fantastic new product.

Exceptionally beautiful
Easy to attach
Extremely affordable
Save both time and money
Quality craftsmanship
No more holes in your expensive show clothes
Large variety of outstanding styles and elegant designs
Choose from Magnets, clips, pins and show Blanket cuff style.

See for yourself the superior quality and stunning beauty of Arena Number holders.

Besides, stand out from the crowd, because these get noticed!

At knot-a-tail, We are determined to be your source, we would be delighted if you stop by for a visit to tell us your needs.

Come for a visit our horse forum and community page or post your greatest horse story, suggestions and let me know if there is any thing else you would like to see on our site.

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Home Away From Home at the Horse Show

How to insure your horse is safe and comfortable when at the show

If you think the show ring is stressful then you haven’t had the opportunity to settle your horse into a strange stall at a strange showgrounds. Many veteran exhibitors can attest to the fact that how well your horse settles into his weekend abode can make or break your chance at a ribbon at best but at worst can be the reason for a full blown catastrophe.

Listed below is a step by step accounting of some procedures that need to be adhered to if you’re to give to your horse a safe and enjoyable experience at his next show.
Let’s start at the beginning assuming you’re organized and your departure wasn’t too stressful.

Step 1. The Stall Before you put your horse into it you must scrutinize every inch of it checking for nails, loose boards, splinters, any thing that may pose a threat. Check the ground. Are there rocks, nails, glass, and any thing that can pose a hazard? Remember if there’s even the slightest thing that a horse can get hurt on believe me he will find it. If there’s something that isn’t appropriate, a tough door to open or close an electrical wire close by or anything dangerous within your horse’s reach don’t hesitate to consult with whoever’s in charge and ask for a new stall. You have every right to and they want you to feel secure so often they’ll work hard to get you what you need.

Next, check to see what angle the sun moves at. Will it cause your stall to overheat? During summer months it is typical for owners to place fans and even misting systems above their horse’s stall to keep them cool. Just as mentioned earlier though be careful to not have any electric cord or nail or string where your horse can get to.

Be sure to secure your horse’s water bucket so he cannot turn it over or spill it out and be careful it’s hung at just the right height. For an average horse you should have two buckets, one always with fresh water and one with electrolytes. The water should always be kept full because dehydration is one of the most typical ailments at shows. Besides dehydration if a horse doesn’t drink enough water to process his food he could end up colicking which will bring a quick end to your weekend and perhaps even to your horse.

Always properly bed your stall. This is not the time to skimp on bedding. Use enough to keep your horse from meeting the ground under his body when lying down and be sure to bank the shavings up alone the walls. Most show stalls are a bit cramped and you want to bank your bedding far up the sides to prevent your horse from getting cast.

Step 2. The Feed Be sure to feed your horse at the show the same kind of hay he would eat at home. If you can you should even bring the feed from your home to keep your horse from eating hay from a different region which can cause him to colic or have allergic reactions.

It’s good to have something in front of him at all times. Horses relax when they chew so consider some kind of “grazing” feed to keep him busy and help him to unwind. Something really tasty like a nice Timothy or Orchard Grass will tempt him to focus more on what’s in front of him then the Stallion across the barn aisle.

Be careful not to feed too many treats. It’s great to reward your horse especially when he’s being really good but be careful not to overdo anything in the way of nutrition at the show. A too rich diet can wreck havoc on a horse’s system when they’re under the stress of new surroundings.

Step 3. The Horse As mentioned before the horse stalls at shows are usually quite small so be sure to get your horse out as often as possible for a walk especially if he’s been in a lot of classes that day. After working so hard he will likely get stiff and sore if he’s not allowed to keep moving besides it gives you a chance to check in with all your friends down the barn aisle to see how they faired in their classes.

Keep your horse well groomed to keep him from getting itchy and prevent rolling. Granted at some point your horse will want to lay down and perhaps even roll but the risk of getting cast is ever present so the more you can reduce his chances of him rolling the more you can reduce the chance of him getting cast.

You may want to consider keeping your horse’s legs bandaged if they stock up from being in a small stall but do not, I repeat, do not bandage your horse’s legs unless you are an expert or have access to one that will do it for you because you can do more damage than good putting a bandage on your horse the wrong way. Putting a bandage properly on a horse is almost an art form and takes a lot of experience to master.

So there you have a basic list of things that are mostly necessary. Properly settling your horse is lot of work and a lot of things to be aware of but it’s something that must be done right to avert disaster and enable your horse to compete at his best. If your horse isn’t comfortable I can assure you your show will be an unsuccessful endeavor in one form or another.

If you’re going to all the expense of showing, the time put into your training and all the sweat equity in general then you want to be sure you will have your best chance of winning and it starts with the comfort and safety of your horse, your partner and your friend.


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