Horse Plush Toy & Horse Facts

Like dogs, horses are one of those animals that a child most often wishes to have. While most children are unaware of what it takes to look after either a dog or a horse, they want them as pets anyway. Dogs, are a much easier pet to care for, not to mention that they are relatively inexpensive (before food and vet care are factored in) especially if you rescue one. Horses, on the other hand, cost an astronomical amount of money in addition to the other costs to feed and house it. That’s where a horse plush toy is a fantastic idea, especially for the child that loves these beautiful creatures but will never have a real one of their own.

There are a documented 350 horse breeds but only one of those is domesticated. It is believed that horses were first tamed some 4,000 years ago by Asian nomads and until the advent of the engine, horses remained a vital and essential part of many human societies. Even today, horses are still revered and hold places of honor in many cultures.

Breeders of horses do their best to improve a horses physical performance abilities. By doing so, it has led to the creation of many different breeds of horse along with specific families or bloodlines. Within these various breeds, the end result was the creation of specialists at performing certain tasks with the utmost excellence.

Arabian horses of the desert developed the ability to travel long distances with both speed and endurance. They were also able to survive in the harshest of environments. Once domesticated by humans, it added an additional attribute to their already established natural abilities. In northern Europe, horses that had thick, warm coats, were domesticated so they could work as farm animals, able to pull plows or wagons. Later on, through selective breeding, this same horse was developed so that they were both strong and ridable for armored knights to be able to ride into battle.

Centuries later, when Europeans wanted horses that were faster than what could be produced locally, they imported Arabians and other Asian breeds so they could cross-breed them with the local, heavier animals. Breeds like the thoroughbred were developed from this type of selective breeding.

Later on, in more modern times, the people that settled in the Americas needed a horse that could work with cattle. Arabians and Thoroughbreds were cross bred with Spanish horses that were descendants of both wild and domesticated horses (having been brought over by the Conquistadors) which led to the creation of the American Quarter horse.

When it comes to a horse plush toy, a child is not really interested in what breed it is. With a horse plush toy, a child can fall in love with the idea of riding off to some distant land with just their horse. There are some horse plush toys on the market that are in fact ridable, though they won’t go much further than the spot in which they stand on the floor. Still, being able to get on to the ‘saddle’ of a horse plush toy is a real thrill for any child.

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Horse Plush Toy

Next to the teddy bear, a horse plush toy is one very popular stuffed animal. Given most children (and even some adults) wish for a pony when they’re young, that is one wish that often doesn’t come true simply given the expense of both purchasing and keeping a horse. Even though a horse plush toy can never take the place of the real thing, it sure does its best to come as close as it can.

If you’re a true horse lover, then you are likely quite familiar with some of the famous equines that have appeared over the years in both television and film (Black Beauty, Trigger, Buttermilk, Mister Ed, Flicka). While some of these horses are more ‘notorious’ than others, there is only one that began it all and subsequently carved a path for all other famous horses to follow.

Silver the horse, first became known to the public in 1933 when The Lone Ranger series was broadcast on the radio. In that same year, The Lone Ranger himself, along with his trusted steed Silver, were to make their first ever public appearance; for the event, a horse named Hero was the horse that went on to portray Silver. Following that, in 1949, a televised series of the radio version of The Lone Ranger was about to make its debut and the star of the show Clayton Moore (The Lone Ranger) personally chose the horse which would go on to play the role of Silver; White Cloud was a Morab Tennessee Walking Horse cross stallion from the Hugh Hooker Ranch in the San Fernando Valley, California. When selected for the role of Silver, he was 12 years old and stood 17 hands tall.

While a horse plush toy will undoubtedly go on to be a life-long companion and friend, it is also makes one terrific play pal. A horse plush toy can fill in for the real thing on all those adventures you always dreamed you might have on a horse of your very own.

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