Brand Spanking Used Horse Show Clothing – How to Get Quality Looks For Less

Why choose to shop for used horse show clothing? If you have ever fallen in love with an outfit only to experience a sudden case of sticker shock when you see the price tag; used clothing may be another avenue you may want to consider.

Let’s face it, horses and everything about them are expensive. We crazy horse people are often thought to be on another planet when we decided to put off minor car or home repairs to buy a new show halter or headstall.

Show clothes are just another piece of that pile of horse show expenses. Below we will be discussing where you can shop for used show clothing along with some helpful tips when picking the right clothes for you.

Online Shopping

Using your computer to research and purchase many items for your horse, including show clothing, has been gaining in popularity in recent years. The internet can grant you more power by offering you more knowledge on specific pieces of horse show clothes.

The internet can provide you pricing information and the ability to compare prices without the hassle of driving around. You can then use this information to purchase off the internet or when shopping in a store.

When looking for this information on the internet there are a few sources to consider. Many businesses that custom make horse show clothes will likely have some used pieces for sale.

You also have the option to check the many online auction sites. eBay is by far the largest market place for used horse show clothing. With the larger auction sites you have many more choices available to you.

There are also regular classified ads you choose from on the internet for clothing. Some ads from private parties selling clothes they no longer need with other ads from businesses selling gently used pieces.

Because you are buying straight off your computer make sure you are confident in measuring yourself for clothing. It would be disappointing to buy something and have it not fit when you get it home.

Offline Shopping

If you feel you need see and touch what you are buying, then you may want to focus your efforts into shopping offline. If you decide to go this route, you can still use the internet to compare prices before heading to the store. This will help give you an idea of what you can expect to spend and keep you on a little bit of a budget.

Tack shops may have a consignment area where you can find used horse show clothing along with other things. Tack sales are another option if you have any in your area. You may have a chance to bargain with the seller for a lower price.

If you know of anyone near you that makes horse show clothing, it may be a good idea to let that person know what you are looking for and in what price range. They spend a lot of time talking to people about show clothing and may come across something that works for you.

Buyer Beware

Whether you choose to shop online or offline, make sure you smart shopping sense. If it seems too good to be true, it most likely is. When shopping online make sure you research return policies. Some sellers will offer a return option and some won’t. Although the clothes you are shopping for are used, you can still spend a pretty penny for quality items.

Any reputable seller will have a return policy. If you are looking at purchasing something from a private party they may be less willing to take the item back.

Make sure you have a really good sense of your personal measurements and what types of colors and patterns work well for you. Please visit our website for more information on shopping for used horse show clothing.

With these helpful used horse show clothingshopping tips, and others from Stock Horse Show Source you can get quality looks for at lot less.

Looking for more helpful shopping tips? Lynn Espinoza invites you to check out for more information on finding the right fit, color, and price when shopping for used horse show clothing. Join us for our complimentary monthly newsletter, The All-Arounder and get your free printable horse show checklist.

San Antonio IT Consulting ? Trojan Horse Virus

A Trojan or Trojan Horse Virus is a program that usually gets downloaded installed and executed on a computer system which then appears to be performing some useful function but is unknowingly allowing unauthorized access to the user’s computer system at the same time.
Hackers use Trojans to gain access to a user’s computer remotely and then perform any number of malicious activities. These nefarious activities can include but certainly are not limited to:
Data Theft.
Keystroke Logging.
Downloading or Uploading Files.
Viewing the Victims Screen.
Crashing the Users System.
Symptoms of Infection:
Very sluggish computer performance.
Random system lockups or crashes.
Browser redirection – you are taken to websites you were not searching for while browsing the Internet.
Excessive number of popup windows appearing at random while surfing the Internet.
You are informed that your system has ‘hundreds’ of active infections and you are redirected to a website that insists you pay for and download their specific software package to remove the infections.
There are many good anti-virus / anti-spyware products on the market designed to detect and remove these types of infections. McAfee and Kapersky are good but AVG and Avast! have similar products and offer a free downloadable version. Be sure to complete a ‘Full’ system scan and quarantine and remove all active infections. Configure your anti-virus software to perform ‘active’ scanning or real-time system monitoring.
Do not install software you have downloaded from the Internet unless it has come from a known, reliable source.
Use caution if using file sharing platforms such as LimeWire or torrent sites to download files.
Do not open any email attachments from unknown sources.
Use a good anti-virus/anti-spyware application and scan your system at least weekly. Be sure your anti-virus software is totally up to date with the latest virus definitions.
For Windows users: Be sure to visit the Microsoft upate site and download all the latest Microsoft security patches.
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Unusual Gaited Horse Saddles

Have you ever wondered exactly what makes up a gaited horse saddle? Undoubtedly, these are saddles individuals make use of in order to ride or show gaited horses. But specifically what does that mean? Let us analyze gaited horses and also the saddles they will use to have a more complete insight.

Gaited horses are generally slimmer compared to a lot of horses. They are also carefully bred foremost for show and competition, not for every day riding. Because of this, it won’t make a lot of sense to set a conventional saddle on your gaited horse. Regular saddles might be too large and they’ll not really fit correctly. Traditional saddles will be crafted with extensive riding together with functional use in mind.

Gaited horse saddles, as you might then assume, are manufactured particularly for use with the particular show horses. They will definitely be leaner across in comparison with ordinary saddles and tend to be much lighter. The lighter weight saddles are not only perfect for comfort. They also make sure it is much easier for the rider to discreetly connect with the horse while in exhibition. One would likely say that gaited horse saddles are definitely more communicative in nature in comparison to additional options.

Gaited horse saddles sit back further when compared to what standard saddles, also. The truth is, a rider in a gaited horse saddle will actually discover himself or herself well well behind the withers. This ensures that the users of gaited horse saddles need to be well-trained, skilled riders efficient at getting balance in the peculiar position. The animal should also possess the most suitable training and attitude to make gaited horse saddles feasible. When gaited horse saddles are situated on the wrong horse or utilized by a new rider, this can constitute a fairly unsafe condition. Gaited horse saddles are designed for experts, not amateur riders.

A large amount of saddles for gaited horses tend to be custom-made mainly on the width of the horse at the middle and also the measurements of the rider. Saddles are made depending on the rider’s weight and height and the stirrups are usually custom made. Most gaited horse saddles have good looking ornamentation and also feature incredible style. While a small number of gaited horses are used as trail riders, the majority are shown in competition and the saddles reflect this.

Now that you understand a little more with regards to gaited horse saddles, the horses as well as their riders, it is in all likelihood easier to comprehend just why they are a widespread subject of dialogue inside the gaited horse community. They have always been different items built for distinctive animals with different requirements. Saddle producers create them with all of these factors in mind, together with a consideration of the individual rider.

Not surprisingly, consumers are certainly fussy when selecting gaited horse saddles. The saddles are important and their nature will make them reasonably pricy. They aren’t the type of thing you will find at any tack retail store and they could well constitute a serious investment.

To view expanded info concerning gaited horse saddles or to discover super deals on premium quality gaited horse saddles for sale, you should check out our internet site at

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Benefits of Going to a Horse Arena

Katie works at an excellent horse arena. Many people come to this great riding arena to participate in many different equestrians shows and tournaments. They definitely want to show off their excellent equine friends and show everyone all the great tricks and commands that they can do. Many people that come to these great shows want to watch excellent equestrian talent from the finest equine trainers, breeders and owners. Because of the many spectators and great public interest, equestrian training is a very competitive sport and its many spectators definitely enjoy both watching and actively participating in cheering on their favorite excellent horses to victory. They definitely value the sport’s competitive nature and they think it’s great to watch and cheer for.

The spectators say the equestrian sports are both excellent and fascinating because they require many hours of raw dedication and talent. It is necessary to have both a great jockey and an excellent equine specimen to excel in these many events. Many other sports don’t require so many hours comprised of such raw dedication to achieve success. The jockey and the equine competitors must be both great individually, but they must be excellent as a pair and know how to work together to accomplish the task set at hand for them and to win the many different events that they compete in together; equestrian events truly are a team sports.

It is very important to remember that many jockeys don’t simply become excellent overnight. It takes many years of hard works and great sacrifice to become an excellent jockey. Katie knows many jockeys who have given up excellent social lives in order to succeed at their personal careers who consider it worth the sacrifice because it is something that they find excellent and love very much.

The same is true for many of the equine competitors – they also do not become great competitors overnight or with a small number of hours put in to achieving the ultimate goal. Many owners choose these goals for their foals before they are even born, many owners are definitely careful to make very certain that their future equestrian competitors have excellent breeding and are born with great genetics in order to help them succeed in the world of equestrians competitions.

Katie has helped work many great equestrian shows and she really enjoys attending them and loves the competitive and exciting atmosphere. She loves watching so many excellent equine competitors together in one place and thinks it’s a very beautiful sight to see so many great equine competitors and their jockeys focused on definitely doing their best in the competition. Sometimes, Katie helps to judge these excellent equine competitors and sometimes she has a difficult time deciding which of these great equine competitors is best because of how excellently they all perform in the competition. There are many great reasons to attend equestrian shows but Katie thinks that the most excellent reason to attend such an event is to watch the equine competitors, which she says are great and absolutely beautiful. Katie says that she definitely loves watching these great equine competitors and thinks you will definitely love it too.

Chuck Stewart has visited many horse arenas and riding arenas with his daughter who rides horses in shows.

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Horse Water Jumps What Are They Of

Horse jumps are the equipment used to set up jumping courses either in a show ring or on a trail. The abilities of horse and rider are both challenged. A beauteous animal jumps over a fence and you want to make sure he can clear it and land safely on the other side. Buy your jumping equipment from reputable manufacturer for safety sake.

In addition to safety, the cost of the jumps and accessories are important. Some companies guarantee a low price and will meet or beat their competition s prices. As long as the buyer gets the same quality, of course he is delighted to pay less.

Regardless of manufacturer, the crucial details and design are crucial. Whether made of wood or PVC, the design might be the same. Wood is susceptible to rotting but PVC, a man made material is not. It can be left out in the rain. Most purchasers are choosing PVC because it is impervious to rain and can be left outside regardless of the weather.

Although PVC is more expensive than wood, new computerized methods of producing horse jumps keeps the price of PVC jumps in line with the cost of wood jumps. It can now be sold for less than wood jumps.

There are many things about this industry that the average person does not know. There are a variety of types of jumps. Cavalletti jumps are used in dressage exhibitions. The horses trained for dressage, also known as dancing, are different than those used for Western trail competitions for example. Those jumps are similar to natural things found on trail rides, such as logs.

There are specifications for each type of jump. As a beginner who wants to start with a few simple hurdles, you need to know some facts. You can set up your first jumps. Check each piece of equipment for nails or sharp pieces. A cross rail is a kind of upright fence made with two poles meeting at the center in a cross. This keeps the horse jumping in the center of the jump.

A pyramid jump and oxer jump are two other types. Any combination of two or three jumps in a row requires careful measurement of not only the height but the distance between the jumps as measured in strides. An upright fence must be correctly spaces as it is a difficult jump.

Measure the distance between jumps at approximately twelve feet for a horse or ten feet for a pony. Alternatively, you can measure your own horse s exact stride. Use a tape measure and set up the distance between jumps according to your horse.

Never place a pole behind any jump. This will confuse your horse greatly. By creating a false ground line, it makes the horse see the jump as being further back than it is. The judgement of the horse is crucial to avoid jumping being a dangerous activity.

The jumps over open water are required to meet certain size requirements in a show. Jumps can be individually purchased or bought as a package deal with everything needed for one complete jump or one complete competition course. Accessories are available as single purchases and include extras such as flower boxes to make the course more attractive to the audience. Appearance is not nearly as important as safety, but it does add to the enjoyment of the spectators.

Horse jumps provide the course for the jumping competition. Spectators love to watch the graceful jumps made by horses. They do not realize how difficult these jumps are. They might not know how much training is involved to accomplish this feat. But, the pleasure of watching their graceful maneuvers over the course is a wonderful thing.

To race horses or even get them to perform on crosscountry jumps tourneys, you need to know where to look. On the web you will find that horse jumps is a important horse event that happens every year and to find out the best tips look on the web.

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What Do Horse Jumps Consist Of?

In the sport of showing horses, horse jumps showcase the relationship between horse and rider. Whether for the equestrian or steeple chase, these jumps are made to not only challenge the horse and rider, but to be attractive for the spectators watching the chase. Fortunately, there are many manufacturers who understand the basics of simple design as well as the innovative methods that are now available which make the construction, purchasing, and setup of these course obstacles easier than ever before. You will find that these pieces, which are also available in discounted packages, are quite affordable, so you can practice in your own field instead of having to go to the riding club.

There are many different kinds of horse jumps. The original jumps were very simple and probably made of wood. They were composed of a stand and a horizontal bar. Older stands did not adjust, but were perfect for practicing technique. Of course, modern jumps are made from plastic and can adjust so that you can practice technique as well as strategy for approaching and clearing different heights. This is very important when it comes to competitions because you never know what types of jumps you might encounter on a competition course.

In order to properly prepare for a new competition, you may want to practice with the many different kinds of horse jumps. For example, there are simple jumps, but also designs that are made to look like gates or walls. Some of these gates might be made to resemble a brick wall or a series of hedges or bushes. The center pieces are always braced by a variety of wings, which can also feature several different design ideas. Some of these obstacles even feature pools or water traps that add more complexity to each jump, as well as some aesthetic appeal.

I recommend that you visit horse jumps
in order for to find out more about . No matter what your requirements are this website has all the information that you need.

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Show Jumps – The Ultimate Challenge For Horse And Rider

Show jumping is one of the most spectacular forms of equestrianism and is one of the most widely known and recognisable sport. If you attend any kind of outdoor show during the summer months you are almost certain to see a show jumping competition, hugely favoured by competitors and spectators alike. Indeed, show jumping is an established Olympic sport, which carries recognition at the highest levels.

This sport is designed to show the affinity between the horse and its rider, the levels of performance, agility, ambition, training and coordination. A course is laid out with a number of different show jumps in a variety of different combinations and structures. There will be a number of different changes of direction, together with a requirement for the horse and rider to change tempo from time to time to be able to clear those numerous obstacles in the correct order. The ultimate purpose is to achieve a clean jumping record over the course in the best time possible.

The beauty and diversity of show jumping is in the number of different horse jumps that are set out and the combinations thereof. For example, you can expect to find different vertical variations, double and triple combinations and to set the stage the rider is allowed to look at the course before the actual competition itself. As could be expected, the more important the competition itself, the more technical the course will be.

While there are many rules and regulations, points or “faults” are basically deducted when the horse refuses to jump, or there’s a knockdown with these points being added to a competitor’s score accordingly. If any show jump construction is damaged as a result of a poor jump or a refusal, additional penalties are added, due to the amount of time it takes the organisers to replace everything.

There are an amazing number of different show jumps available and you can always create a course that will be unique and challenging for the competitors, no matter how “veteran” they may be. You can choose plastic show jumps or timber show jumps in a variety of different designs and colours. Show jumps are also configured according to the BSJA specification.

To give an idea of the variety available you can select blocks, poles, wings, planks, fillers, water trays, ladders, gates and all can be configured in a variety of combinations to produce a truly spectacular end result. As this type of event is very photogenic, often attracts a large number of spectators and is really made-for-TV, sponsor graphics and other messages can be added to those plastic jumps or timber jumps to help with the event’s commercial viability.

Many a young rider aspires to the show jumping circuit, yet a lot of practice and application is required first. It’s vital that the rider really knows the horse and that the correct attire and equipment is selected. There is scarcely anything more exhilarating in equestrianism, however, than achieving a clean run and “besting” your competitive class. This is truly a case of the horse and the rider working together.

Nick Morgan is a renowned professional when it comes to the details relating to show jumps. To find out more information about horse jumps, go to the web site at …

You Will Love Using Horse Show Number Holders

Arena Number holders are a fantastic new product. They are extremely elegant and will exceed all of your expectations. Once you see how easy they are to use, and their exceptional beauty, you will want them for all of your any class from the pleasure classes to all the gaming classes to reining and trail classes.

The Number holders are Exceptionally Elegant for the halter and showmanship classes as well.

All of the arena Number clips are quick and easy to put on and off, so at those few moments between wardrobe change, you find out that they can save you a lot of time and limit your stress and frustration.

These add presence and Pizza to all of your Show outfit. You will quickly discover that they are Perfect for both Western as well as the English classes.

The number holders come in a variety incredible beautiful styles and designs to match any riding discipline.

You can find all the number holders in Magnets, Pin backs, clips or cuff styles for blankets.

I love the magnets. They are heavy duty and you really have to give them a pull to get them off. Their unsurpassed quality allows them to will stay put and you can have the utmost confidence that they hold your number totally in place.

You can also order any of the styles in Cuff link backs so you can attach them to your saddle pads without any damage to the threads of your expensive show blanket. No pins to try to get them through your blanket any longer.

Nothing could be faster or easier to attach and use.

Quickly Enhance your show outfits with Arena Number Holders:

Find out for yourself on how quickly you will fall in love with this fantastic new product.

Exceptionally beautiful
Easy to attach
Extremely affordable
Save both time and money
Quality craftsmanship
No more holes in your expensive show clothes
Large variety of outstanding styles and elegant designs
Choose from Magnets, clips, pins and show Blanket cuff style.

See for yourself the superior quality and stunning beauty of Arena Number holders.

Besides, stand out from the crowd, because these get noticed!

At knot-a-tail, We are determined to be your source, we would be delighted if you stop by for a visit to tell us your needs.

Come for a visit our horse forum and community page or post your greatest horse story, suggestions and let me know if there is any thing else you would like to see on our site.

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Horse Care and Maintenance to Keep a Happy, Healthy Horse

Owning a horse is a wonderful experience when it comes to riding, shows and many other pleasures associated with horses. There is an aspect of ownership that involves maintenance, which is not always as glamorous as heading out across the countryside for a ride or parading in the horse shows to win a highly recognized prize. Horse care/maintenance is a necessary part of owning a horse and lays the foundation for any equestrian who is well tended to provide the owner with many years of valued service, pleasure riding and many other benefits that are associated with owning a horse.

No matter if the equestrian is a part of a large group or a single owned animal, horse care/maintenance is a must. For example, at any given time a horse injury in stables or horse riding injury can occur. The rider should be prepared to deal with such injury until the horse can be taken to the veterinarian or the doctor can arrive to the location where the injured horse remains. Such a first aid kit for horses should include, at a minimum: three gauze rolls at least 2 inches wide, six sterile pads measuring 4 inches square, assorted size band aids, two triangular bandages, safety pins, first aid book for horses, moleskin for blisters, 2 inch wide first aid tape, personal medications the horse may be taking at the time and butterfly closures.

At home in the stable, your horse needs to be comfortable and kept in a well maintained manner no matter if the equestrian is one who does show jumps or is a work horse for the fields. From barrows, forks and shovels to get stalls cleaned and baled hay out in place to horse toys your equestrian loves to play with on the regular, the manner in which the barn and stalls are kept can make a major difference in the personality and temperament of your horses.

Supplement horse care/maintenance items such as feeder buckets, hay nets and mangers help to keep order and logic to the system established for caring for horses at home. Many of these same tools function to keep a healthy and happy horse on the road as well. A properly organized feed room can be the key to getting every horse off to a good start each and every morning. Field products play an integral role as well and electric fencing drinkers and show jump items can all be a part of proper horse care/maintenance.

You can buy many horse riding accessories online including stable rugs to help care for your horse and get a great deal on a wide range of accessories you’ll need.

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Novelty Horse Jumps

Just because you ride a show horse, doesn’t mean that your whole life has to be serious. While taking care of such a large creature is also a major responsibility, there are many ways that you can enjoy your rides and your training exercises to physically prepare your horse for competition without mentally boring yourself to death from repetition. One of the ways to do this is to change up the way you look at horse jumps and the obstacle course altogether. Who says you have to always use traditional jumps and materials, especially on your home course?

Indeed, there are no rules when it comes to your own horse and your own course. Manufacturers of horse jumps know this and many will design alternative pieces for your gate fillers and other course accessories. This makes riding your home course less tedious and more interesting, as you can change the pieces up as you see fit. While you shouldn’t get too comfortable with them, since it is highly unlikely that you will see such pieces in a formal competition, they can really help you to focus on the task at hand instead of how drab your practice course might be.

Alternative horse jumps might include pieces with much brighter colors, like walls that are fire-engine red. They might also include dice on a stand, which although unrelated, is still a fun alternative to the norm. In fact, there are many different kinds of dice stands to hold up your jump bars. You can even find pieces that are shaped to look like dominos or traffic lights and other familiar knick-knacks. Flower troughs help to bring some natural color and beauty to your course, while custom-made banners and gates make for a more personalized course experience that will remind you that your pride is on the line at your next competition.

I recommend that you visit
in order for to find out more about horse jumps. No matter what your requirements are this website has all the information that you need.

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