Texas: Home of the Cowboys

During childhood, kids would always want to become cowboys and Indians shooting each other. They would typically run with a broom stick and scream on top of their lungs with sounds of gun fire coming from their own voices. Some things never really change. Though the wild west had already gone, there are still people who want to become cowboys. In American culture being a cowboy is equal to a man’s machismo. But sometimes there are times when the modern times is just too much for a dream to continue.

Nowadays, instead of riding horses, people ride motorized vehicles. Before cars were invented, horses ruled the wild west. This was the day to day mode of transportation. Before any other motorized vehicle was invented, wagons would be carried by a number of horses in order to travel fast. There was no need for fuel before. Horses feed on grass that makes it easier for the rider’s part to sustain his ride. Horses were used for so many things. Horses were used for so many things back then. If you are sending a letter to another person, it may take weeks before it reaches him since horses would be used for long distance communications. Now though it is really backward compared to today’s time; there are still times that the dream of becoming a cowboy is just way too big to die out in the modern world.

There are still people who like riding horses. Though they are becoming rare as people now drive cars. They are still out there. Some people ride horses for fun and recreation and some even made a sport of riding horses. In the Olympics, there is a sport that uses horses, its called equestrian or horseback riding. This has now become a legitimate sports. Truly, the use of horses is really far from over. Since there is a steadily increasing number of people besides those people part of equestrian; who really engage in riding horses.

And when it comes to riding horses, you would need to have a saddle. A saddle would be compared to a car seat of today. Without a properly functioning saddle, the one who rides the horse would actually find it hard to traverse long distance rides or even short distance rides. For this reason, there are companies in Texas who specializes in repair, maintenance and custom made saddles.

Saddles in USA will never die out. Since the wild west has grown into the culture of America from past to present; some dreams are just to big to die out and riding a horse would be one of them. Custom saddles in Texas are actually selling like pancakes to accentuate the personality of the person who rides the horse. Western saddles in Texas are really common since Texas is actually a home to the great history of America. Do you remember the Alamo? Asked by David Crocket. Horse tack in Texas is also getting popular since there are still a lot of people using horses. Saddle repair in Texas is fast becoming fast commodity as people try to ride as comfortable as they can with their horses.

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Capture “Red Carpet” magic in your Texas Hill Country home!

With all the long lines waiting to see Hollywood’s end-of-the-year movie releases, ‘tis the season to consider running the show with your own theater right in the comfort of your home.

Imagine dazzling your holiday guests with the ultimate cinematic setting located just steps from your living room suite. Home theater technology has evolved to such a level that it not only enhances the value of your property, but also can reduce energy costs while adding a “WOW!” element to home entertainment.

The home theater experience reflects the overall quality of watching TV, movies, sporting events or other types of media such as Playstation. Basically, the concept derives from the idea that you can incorporate the movie theater-type atmosphere into your home in an exciting yet affordable way. Studies show that home theaters cultivate more gatherings of family and friends spending quality time together.

Smart home technology offers an amazing selection of audio visual amenities to transform any ordinary room space into an extraordinary theater. From creative multimedia room designs and luxurious hanging LCD or plasma screens to state-of-the-art home electronics and surround-sound systems, movies and entertainment can be just as exciting at home as they are in the big theaters.

As this technology has become increasingly less expensive, installing a home theater can actually represent a significant savings in family entertainment. In addition, the concept of such a room is something new to many homeowners and often not considered when house hunting or building. Instead, some find themselves installing a theater long after they have moved into their new property.

If you recently purchased a home in Texas Hill Country, you may have noticed that many are now constructed with audio-video wiring and smart home technology details to afford you the option of extensive media room automation. Features such as speakers installed within walls and ceilings, universal remotes, access controls, surround sound, wireless networks and others are now a standard consideration in many home construction plans.

Exciting custom design features like infrared technology, automated screens, HD projectors, lighting controls, media servers, security systems and designer speakers with subwoofers are easily installed, meaning fewer wires and eliminating labor installation costs due to the new home-automation system designs.

Home theater design consists of four major components: room design, construction, acoustic treatment and system setup. First, you have to plan and construct the space. Examine the room and create a game plan on how you want it to look. There are many home theater consultants to choose from in the Austin and Hill Country areas who can assist you with custom lighting and sound and other design aspects.

Next, you will purchase your components. A home theater room should include a television, a theater projection system and the installation of these devices. From there, you can add gaming systems, perhaps a Blu Ray system and any number of other accessories, such as an all-in-one smart remote. You can choose to install the components yourself or hire a company to do it for you.

Now comes the fun part of decorating and accessorizing the room. Once all the electronic devices are installed and ready to go, you can decide on the type of furnishings. Features like rich dark colors, textured walls, lighting with dimmer switches, big plush seating with reclining sofas and thick drapes and red carpets all add dramatic theatrical ambiance to your home theater room. Add movie posters or paintings to spice it up and include other personal touches such as a refreshment bar to give the home theater room your favorite film theme and special movie house flavor.

Popcorn, anyone?

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Home Away From Home at the Horse Show

How to insure your horse is safe and comfortable when at the show

If you think the show ring is stressful then you haven’t had the opportunity to settle your horse into a strange stall at a strange showgrounds. Many veteran exhibitors can attest to the fact that how well your horse settles into his weekend abode can make or break your chance at a ribbon at best but at worst can be the reason for a full blown catastrophe.

Listed below is a step by step accounting of some procedures that need to be adhered to if you’re to give to your horse a safe and enjoyable experience at his next show.
Let’s start at the beginning assuming you’re organized and your departure wasn’t too stressful.

Step 1. The Stall Before you put your horse into it you must scrutinize every inch of it checking for nails, loose boards, splinters, any thing that may pose a threat. Check the ground. Are there rocks, nails, glass, and any thing that can pose a hazard? Remember if there’s even the slightest thing that a horse can get hurt on believe me he will find it. If there’s something that isn’t appropriate, a tough door to open or close an electrical wire close by or anything dangerous within your horse’s reach don’t hesitate to consult with whoever’s in charge and ask for a new stall. You have every right to and they want you to feel secure so often they’ll work hard to get you what you need.

Next, check to see what angle the sun moves at. Will it cause your stall to overheat? During summer months it is typical for owners to place fans and even misting systems above their horse’s stall to keep them cool. Just as mentioned earlier though be careful to not have any electric cord or nail or string where your horse can get to.

Be sure to secure your horse’s water bucket so he cannot turn it over or spill it out and be careful it’s hung at just the right height. For an average horse you should have two buckets, one always with fresh water and one with electrolytes. The water should always be kept full because dehydration is one of the most typical ailments at shows. Besides dehydration if a horse doesn’t drink enough water to process his food he could end up colicking which will bring a quick end to your weekend and perhaps even to your horse.

Always properly bed your stall. This is not the time to skimp on bedding. Use enough to keep your horse from meeting the ground under his body when lying down and be sure to bank the shavings up alone the walls. Most show stalls are a bit cramped and you want to bank your bedding far up the sides to prevent your horse from getting cast.

Step 2. The Feed Be sure to feed your horse at the show the same kind of hay he would eat at home. If you can you should even bring the feed from your home to keep your horse from eating hay from a different region which can cause him to colic or have allergic reactions.

It’s good to have something in front of him at all times. Horses relax when they chew so consider some kind of “grazing” feed to keep him busy and help him to unwind. Something really tasty like a nice Timothy or Orchard Grass will tempt him to focus more on what’s in front of him then the Stallion across the barn aisle.

Be careful not to feed too many treats. It’s great to reward your horse especially when he’s being really good but be careful not to overdo anything in the way of nutrition at the show. A too rich diet can wreck havoc on a horse’s system when they’re under the stress of new surroundings.

Step 3. The Horse As mentioned before the horse stalls at shows are usually quite small so be sure to get your horse out as often as possible for a walk especially if he’s been in a lot of classes that day. After working so hard he will likely get stiff and sore if he’s not allowed to keep moving besides it gives you a chance to check in with all your friends down the barn aisle to see how they faired in their classes.

Keep your horse well groomed to keep him from getting itchy and prevent rolling. Granted at some point your horse will want to lay down and perhaps even roll but the risk of getting cast is ever present so the more you can reduce his chances of him rolling the more you can reduce the chance of him getting cast.

You may want to consider keeping your horse’s legs bandaged if they stock up from being in a small stall but do not, I repeat, do not bandage your horse’s legs unless you are an expert or have access to one that will do it for you because you can do more damage than good putting a bandage on your horse the wrong way. Putting a bandage properly on a horse is almost an art form and takes a lot of experience to master.

So there you have a basic list of things that are mostly necessary. Properly settling your horse is lot of work and a lot of things to be aware of but it’s something that must be done right to avert disaster and enable your horse to compete at his best. If your horse isn’t comfortable I can assure you your show will be an unsuccessful endeavor in one form or another.

If you’re going to all the expense of showing, the time put into your training and all the sweat equity in general then you want to be sure you will have your best chance of winning and it starts with the comfort and safety of your horse, your partner and your friend.


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