What Do Horse Jumps Consist Of?

In the sport of showing horses, horse jumps showcase the relationship between horse and rider. Whether for the equestrian or steeple chase, these jumps are made to not only challenge the horse and rider, but to be attractive for the spectators watching the chase. Fortunately, there are many manufacturers who understand the basics of simple design as well as the innovative methods that are now available which make the construction, purchasing, and setup of these course obstacles easier than ever before. You will find that these pieces, which are also available in discounted packages, are quite affordable, so you can practice in your own field instead of having to go to the riding club.

There are many different kinds of horse jumps. The original jumps were very simple and probably made of wood. They were composed of a stand and a horizontal bar. Older stands did not adjust, but were perfect for practicing technique. Of course, modern jumps are made from plastic and can adjust so that you can practice technique as well as strategy for approaching and clearing different heights. This is very important when it comes to competitions because you never know what types of jumps you might encounter on a competition course.

In order to properly prepare for a new competition, you may want to practice with the many different kinds of horse jumps. For example, there are simple jumps, but also designs that are made to look like gates or walls. Some of these gates might be made to resemble a brick wall or a series of hedges or bushes. The center pieces are always braced by a variety of wings, which can also feature several different design ideas. Some of these obstacles even feature pools or water traps that add more complexity to each jump, as well as some aesthetic appeal.

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