What Do Horse Jumps Consist Of?

In the sport of showing horses, horse jumps showcase the relationship between horse and rider. Whether for the equestrian or steeple chase, these jumps are made to not only challenge the horse and rider, but to be attractive for the spectators watching the chase. Fortunately, there are many manufacturers who understand the basics of simple design as well as the innovative methods that are now available which make the construction, purchasing, and setup of these course obstacles easier than ever before. You will find that these pieces, which are also available in discounted packages, are quite affordable, so you can practice in your own field instead of having to go to the riding club.

There are many different kinds of horse jumps. The original jumps were very simple and probably made of wood. They were composed of a stand and a horizontal bar. Older stands did not adjust, but were perfect for practicing technique. Of course, modern jumps are made from plastic and can adjust so that you can practice technique as well as strategy for approaching and clearing different heights. This is very important when it comes to competitions because you never know what types of jumps you might encounter on a competition course.

In order to properly prepare for a new competition, you may want to practice with the many different kinds of horse jumps. For example, there are simple jumps, but also designs that are made to look like gates or walls. Some of these gates might be made to resemble a brick wall or a series of hedges or bushes. The center pieces are always braced by a variety of wings, which can also feature several different design ideas. Some of these obstacles even feature pools or water traps that add more complexity to each jump, as well as some aesthetic appeal.

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Family Guy Gets Texas All Wrong

Family Guy is currently in its ninth season. The show has become a cultural phenomenon watched in almost every major nation in the world. The show was canceled after its third season and again, briefly, in 2008. The TV show takes place in a fictional town in Rhode Island and follows the middle class Griffin family as they approach controversial topics and talk about current events and celebrities.

In Season 5 Episode 15, the baby of the family eats too many wafers and chugs red wine at a church service causing him to throw up. The members of the church immediately come to the conclusion that the baby, Stewie, is possessed by the devil.

The Griffin family flees Rhode Island to visit relatives in Texas. From this point in the episode clear until the end of the show, Family Guy constantly pokes fun by using stereotypes about Texas that paint Texans as a crude, unintelligent, and radical people.

On the way to Texas, Brian, the family’s dog, says “We’re going to Texas in search of religious tolerance? That’s going to be like getting Sneakers O’Toole to take his sneakers off.” While Texas is known for its over sized mega churches, the state is home to a growing number of Hindu, Sikhs, Buddhist and Muslim residents. In the year 2000 the US Census counted approximately 400,000 Muslims and 128,000 Jews in the state, the majority of whom live in the Dallas and Houston metro areas. 53.6% of the Texas population reported their religion as Protestant or Catholic in the 2000 Census. However, this hardly means that the state’s citizens are religiously intolerant.

When the family reaches Texas to stay with the mom’s (Lois) sister, they find the house is empty. It is at this point in the storyline that they meet the neighbors. The male neighbor introduces himself and his wife saying that she is a “homemaker” and “I am a queer chaser and beater”. Brian replies by telling Lois “…these Texans are socially backward and politically they are all stubborn as a mule.” Brian continues to claim that Texas is a bad place because it is a “red state full of right wing nut jobs.” Eventually Brian goes to a liquor store to purchase liquor where he is given a free gun. The liquor store employee explains to Brian that it is Texas state law to get a free gun with every liquor purchase to which Brian replies, “This place officially sucks worse than the WNBA.”

The Griffin’s two oldest kids, Meg and Chris, sneak into President George Bush’s ranch home in Crawford, TX on a dare from other kids. Inside the house there are pictures of President Bush and Ronald Reagan, President Bush and Saddam Hussein, President Bush and Osama Bin Laden and President Bush and the Devil. When the kids meet the President he gives them a can of beer and imparts a life lesson about “honesty, integrity and cold filtered draft beer.”

The final insult to Texans is when Peter goes out to brand a cow with his new found friends. Peter, the father, tells them he is mentally handicapped and could have never had this much fun in Rhode Island where he is from. The men angrily strap Peter to a homemade electric chair and one of the men says “…In Texas we execute the retarded.”

For renters who are looking to move into Lewisville, TX apartments, the show is a far cry from what can be expected from the community. The entire show is not an accurate depiction of the residents who live in Lewisville Apartments, or the rest of Texas for that matter. According to the Family Guy portrayal Texans are all idiotic have no tolerance or sense of culture. The show seems to focus on intolerance of sexuality, religion, mental ability and decry’s Texas’s protection of gun ownership rights and political affiliation. The reality is that Texas is more racially, religiously and culturally diverse than many other states in the USA. The people in Texas are kind, generous and understanding. The state has become a top destination for residents leaving other states as well as for immigrants moving to the United States for job opportunities.

Seth MacFarlane and the Family Guy writing staff should visit Texas and get a real picture of what the state is like if they ever decide to run another episode bashing Texas. Perhaps they should check out a UMoveFree review to get a better depiction of what Texas residents are like.

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Show Jumps – The Ultimate Challenge For Horse And Rider

Show jumping is one of the most spectacular forms of equestrianism and is one of the most widely known and recognisable sport. If you attend any kind of outdoor show during the summer months you are almost certain to see a show jumping competition, hugely favoured by competitors and spectators alike. Indeed, show jumping is an established Olympic sport, which carries recognition at the highest levels.

This sport is designed to show the affinity between the horse and its rider, the levels of performance, agility, ambition, training and coordination. A course is laid out with a number of different show jumps in a variety of different combinations and structures. There will be a number of different changes of direction, together with a requirement for the horse and rider to change tempo from time to time to be able to clear those numerous obstacles in the correct order. The ultimate purpose is to achieve a clean jumping record over the course in the best time possible.

The beauty and diversity of show jumping is in the number of different horse jumps that are set out and the combinations thereof. For example, you can expect to find different vertical variations, double and triple combinations and to set the stage the rider is allowed to look at the course before the actual competition itself. As could be expected, the more important the competition itself, the more technical the course will be.

While there are many rules and regulations, points or “faults” are basically deducted when the horse refuses to jump, or there’s a knockdown with these points being added to a competitor’s score accordingly. If any show jump construction is damaged as a result of a poor jump or a refusal, additional penalties are added, due to the amount of time it takes the organisers to replace everything.

There are an amazing number of different show jumps available and you can always create a course that will be unique and challenging for the competitors, no matter how “veteran” they may be. You can choose plastic show jumps or timber show jumps in a variety of different designs and colours. Show jumps are also configured according to the BSJA specification.

To give an idea of the variety available you can select blocks, poles, wings, planks, fillers, water trays, ladders, gates and all can be configured in a variety of combinations to produce a truly spectacular end result. As this type of event is very photogenic, often attracts a large number of spectators and is really made-for-TV, sponsor graphics and other messages can be added to those plastic jumps or timber jumps to help with the event’s commercial viability.

Many a young rider aspires to the show jumping circuit, yet a lot of practice and application is required first. It’s vital that the rider really knows the horse and that the correct attire and equipment is selected. There is scarcely anything more exhilarating in equestrianism, however, than achieving a clean run and “besting” your competitive class. This is truly a case of the horse and the rider working together.

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You Will Love Using Horse Show Number Holders

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Horse Care and Maintenance to Keep a Happy, Healthy Horse

Owning a horse is a wonderful experience when it comes to riding, shows and many other pleasures associated with horses. There is an aspect of ownership that involves maintenance, which is not always as glamorous as heading out across the countryside for a ride or parading in the horse shows to win a highly recognized prize. Horse care/maintenance is a necessary part of owning a horse and lays the foundation for any equestrian who is well tended to provide the owner with many years of valued service, pleasure riding and many other benefits that are associated with owning a horse.

No matter if the equestrian is a part of a large group or a single owned animal, horse care/maintenance is a must. For example, at any given time a horse injury in stables or horse riding injury can occur. The rider should be prepared to deal with such injury until the horse can be taken to the veterinarian or the doctor can arrive to the location where the injured horse remains. Such a first aid kit for horses should include, at a minimum: three gauze rolls at least 2 inches wide, six sterile pads measuring 4 inches square, assorted size band aids, two triangular bandages, safety pins, first aid book for horses, moleskin for blisters, 2 inch wide first aid tape, personal medications the horse may be taking at the time and butterfly closures.

At home in the stable, your horse needs to be comfortable and kept in a well maintained manner no matter if the equestrian is one who does show jumps or is a work horse for the fields. From barrows, forks and shovels to get stalls cleaned and baled hay out in place to horse toys your equestrian loves to play with on the regular, the manner in which the barn and stalls are kept can make a major difference in the personality and temperament of your horses.

Supplement horse care/maintenance items such as feeder buckets, hay nets and mangers help to keep order and logic to the system established for caring for horses at home. Many of these same tools function to keep a healthy and happy horse on the road as well. A properly organized feed room can be the key to getting every horse off to a good start each and every morning. Field products play an integral role as well and electric fencing drinkers and show jump items can all be a part of proper horse care/maintenance.

You can buy many horse riding accessories online including stable rugs to help care for your horse and get a great deal on a wide range of accessories you’ll need.

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Texas Belt Buckle Selection for Texas Enthusiasts

Do you love Texas State, based in the US? If you like many things in this state, chances are that you love it too. There is a special way of showing your love for this part of North America, its roots and culture. This is none other than buying the Texas belt buckle. Indeed, a buckle is just a tiny accessory that would remind you of things you hold dear in Texas.


It is widely available and affordable online. That is why you are free to choose as many buckles as you possibly could. There are few guiding points you should know of and they include the following.


• The designs available – It is almost impossible to start imagining the jungle of pieces available online. When deciding on the most appropriate choice, consider first the construction materials. Most items are made of a particular metal totally. Therefore, you should decide whether you want pewter, gold, silver, sterling silver, brass, and so on. Do not ignore the fact the metal quality differs. If a buckle were made of very high quality metal, then its rates would also be high. The other factor to consider when thinking of design is the décor. Mostly, some have a perfectly round, oval or the Texas map shape. Next, consider the theme used to demonstrate each item as one of its kind. For instance, some items consist of the state’s flag and others have the armadillo image carrying a flag on its back or just an armadillo animal image with a star shape. There are some common logos too, such as the Houston Texans, Dallas cowboy star, University of Texas and several others. Additionally, you might have a special interest in music, sports, country lifestyle and so on. It is very easy to find a Texas belt buckle that describes what you like. If you want cowboy, then go for inspired designs and if you love hip-hip and other music genres, then go for them. Led is an amazing belt buckling design that applies modern, programming technology. There are special led styles that show the word “texas” on the display screen. When it comes to design, men and women have countless alternatives.


• Your own fashion tastes and preferences – As much as a buckle is just a small item, it would help create an impression of you. Therefore, you should take your time to look through what various websites have to offer. Let your current clothing and accessories collections guide you. Each buckle style contains a unique detail that it would add to your current collections.


• Your budget – Christmas 2010 is underway and you will have to spend in one way or another. In fact, this is a nice time to spoil your friends, family and yourself with new gifts. One of the main reasons why you rather buy a simple item such as a clasp is because it could help you spend wisely. Most high quality items range between ten and thirty dollars. At these affordable rates, you can give away a texas belt buckle this Christmas without feeling a punch.

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Novelty Horse Jumps

Just because you ride a show horse, doesn’t mean that your whole life has to be serious. While taking care of such a large creature is also a major responsibility, there are many ways that you can enjoy your rides and your training exercises to physically prepare your horse for competition without mentally boring yourself to death from repetition. One of the ways to do this is to change up the way you look at horse jumps and the obstacle course altogether. Who says you have to always use traditional jumps and materials, especially on your home course?

Indeed, there are no rules when it comes to your own horse and your own course. Manufacturers of horse jumps know this and many will design alternative pieces for your gate fillers and other course accessories. This makes riding your home course less tedious and more interesting, as you can change the pieces up as you see fit. While you shouldn’t get too comfortable with them, since it is highly unlikely that you will see such pieces in a formal competition, they can really help you to focus on the task at hand instead of how drab your practice course might be.

Alternative horse jumps might include pieces with much brighter colors, like walls that are fire-engine red. They might also include dice on a stand, which although unrelated, is still a fun alternative to the norm. In fact, there are many different kinds of dice stands to hold up your jump bars. You can even find pieces that are shaped to look like dominos or traffic lights and other familiar knick-knacks. Flower troughs help to bring some natural color and beauty to your course, while custom-made banners and gates make for a more personalized course experience that will remind you that your pride is on the line at your next competition.

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How to Buy a Great Horse

Buying a horse is not an easy task, as there are so many things to think about. Why are you buying this horse? Is it purely for pleasure or will you show it in competition. There will always be way more horses available than you will have the time to see. An important issue to consider whether the horse is for a child or an adult, the abilities of the rider is also something to consider before purchasing a horse.Below you will find listed some of the necessary points to consider before buying a horse.

First, never buy the first horse you see, it is recommended that you look at least 10 horses before you make your purchase. Don’t fall in love with the first horse you see. Give yourself time to shop around and compare. After seeing many horses and you decide the first one you saw is the one you want, it is then okay to go back and buy it.

Second, purchase it locally, you never want to buy a horse that you have never seen. Travel can add to the cost of the horse. It also cuts down on the possibility of some kind of scam. People are usually more honest with local people. Also if you purchase your horse locally you can ask if you can take it home to see how they will work out for you.

Third, if you are serious about a particular horse, order a drug test and x-rays. Drugs can be used to alter the horses personality when they are offered for sale. Also you want the x-rays, so you can see what the skeletal frame of the horse looks like. You want to make sure there are no signs of future lameness. It is also good for a vet to get a full medical history, as well as checking the horses; hooves, teeth and gums, mane and tail. You want to know your future horse is in good health.

Fourth, this may sound dumb, but ride the horse, try them out in the events and style of riding you plan on using them for. Not all horses are for all disciplines. You can’t go by looks alone. If you can bring a trainer with you. They will be best suited to let you know if this is the right animal for your needs.

Lastly, as with any purchase buy a horse from someone you trust. Don’t fall for looks and make a stupid decision.

How to: Buy a Horse

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Horse Trailer Towing Tips

When a horse needs to be transported, the driver moving the horse needs to be adequately equipped to handle such a situation.

Three important considerations come to mind when transporting a horse. The driver should have an understanding of the type horse they are moving (since some are more spirited than others), the horse trailer the horse is going to travel in, and the type vehicle doing the transporting.

One of the most important aspects of towing horse trailers is to make sure that the towing vehicle is rated high enough to pull the combined weight of both the trailer and the horse. Once the trailer is properly attached to the towing vehicle it is a good idea for the individual to test the trailer and vehicle combination and drive it around a little bit before loading up the horse. This way a person can get used to the trailer being attached while driving.

The next thing is to make some final changes before loading the animal. Some additional considerations would include the adjusting any of the air vents, and to double check for any problems on the inside of the trailer like sharp corners, or problems with the flooring. Basically to avoid anything that could cause distress to the animal, and cause it to panic. Then one needs to bring in the horse to be loaded. When tying the horse in it’s a good idea to make sure there is some slack in the rope to keep the horse comfortable and to help prevent neck injuries in case of an accident.

Once the horse is loaded, it’s time to do a little bit of test driving. It’s best to drive a few miles and then pull over to make sure the towing hitch and everything else with the trailer and horse are okay. If it is a long journey, then periodic checks should be carried out. When moving horses its best to take it slow when accelerating, decelerating, taking corners, and making lane changes. The animals have to get use to every move. When it comes to towing horse trailers its best to take everything slowly.

Horses are very easily scared so the smoother the drive, the better for the animals welfare. When the destination is reached it is much easier to handle an animal that is in a calm state than one that is suffering from stress. If the experience is a pleasurable one, it’ll be a lot easier to get the animal back in the trailer for the return journey.

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Wings For Horse Jumps

Show jumping competitions can be very exciting and interesting. If you really think about it, this is a sport that combines the analytical mind of man with the raw power and sheer athletic ability of one of the most majestic creatures on the planet. If you have never seen horses on a show jumping range, you are truly missing something magnificent. If you have seen a contest, however, you may be wondering how horse jumps work; how they are developed or put together. Actually, there are a few different parts, starting with the wings, which are the pieces that hold up the bars that are jumped over.

First of all, of course, there are the basic wings. These are straight, vertical bars that are commonly used in horse jumps, especially for practicing. They stand about 5 ft. as do schooling wings which are basically the same thing, but with a series of vertical embellishments on the side of the bars. Children’s wings are 4 ft. tall and look like the two angled sides of an isosceles trapezoid. Standard wings stand about 6 ft. tall and have smaller braces that look very similar to children’s wings. There are also wings that cross. The George Cross wings, for example, cross in the manner of a plus sign, with the crosses standing about halfway up the 6 ft. tall braces. Double Cross wings, on the other hand, are two boxes stacked on top of each other. Within each box are “x” shapes, hence the “cross” name.

Finally, some horse jumps have what are called “fillers,” which fill in the area between the gate bars that would be beneath the objective horizontal bar. Gate fillers look just like access gate to your field while the plank filler simply uses more horizontal bars to fill in the gap. There are also solid plain fillers and fences.

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