Horse First Aid Pack

Horse supplies run the gamut from grooming products to nutritional supplements. But there is an essential horse supply that you shouldn’t leave your barn, or your saddlebag without. Horse first aid pack might be just the thing that could save your horse’s life. Hollywood had often dramatized the situation wherein the rider shoots his horse because it is injured. Probably, he doesn’t have his first aid pack with him. No good comes from killing a horse over a minor injury if you could put it out of its agony without pulling the trigger. Plus, you know from experience that no matter how thought out or planned an outing might be, there are just some things that go awry. It’s not being paranoid, it is being prepared. Your preparation might help prevent your ride from turning into a Hollywood drama.

The kit must be stored in a container or bag that can keep moisture and dirt out because these encourage the growth of bacteria. You would just aggravate your horse’s infection if you used contaminated bandages. Stores that sell horse supplies carry items such as a plastic zipper bag. Aside from keeping tools, or grooming equipment, these are also good for storing first aid items. Groceries sell plastic food containers in varying sizes. Aside from keeping possible contaminants out, you could also choose one that could fit in your saddlebag. Among the things that you should include in your kit, a disinfectant probably is the most handy in most injuries. From minor scrapes and abrasions to wounds, disinfectants are essential cleansers. Just follow the manufacturers’ instructions especially when using industrial grades as excessive use could dry your horse’s skin. Antiseptic scrubs and swabs become useful for disinfecting wounds in the absence of water. These are excellent substitutes for disinfectants because they clean wounds with the same efficiency, but without the need for water. Ointments or wound powders are also worthy additions to your kit. They can prevent entrance of new bacteria inside the wound and speed up the healing process. However, be sure to use ointments, powders, and creams that have been approved by your vet. A fly repellent applied or sprayed on the wound lowers further infection or contamination risks considerably. Wound dressings come in sterile individual packs and they are good for covering wounds and promoting healing. There should be a supply of bandages in your kit, or at least two with a wide breadth. They are good for stabilizing fractures, splints, and securing pads over bleedings. Speaking of bleedings, cotton wool and gauze are essential for preventing excess bleeding. Salts are good for soaking diseased hooves and feet.

Aside from these medications, there are some supplies which you can buy from equine stores and regular drug stores. Petroleum jellies are good for chafing, minor burns, and skin sores. Thermometer is an investment to add to your horse supplies. Expert riders advise to keep your thermometers clipped to the tail of your horse to avoid loss. Scissors, tweezers, and forceps are tools you shouldn’t forget adding to your first aid pack. Aside from cutting bandages, they are also perfect for removing splinters and stones stuck in horses’ hooves. Lastly, these first aid pack is just for providing your horse help in emergencies before the vet arrives. These are just for preventive measures, meaning they can’t cure your horse. It is still important to call a vet after applying first aid.

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Horse Plush Toy & Horse Facts

Like dogs, horses are one of those animals that a child most often wishes to have. While most children are unaware of what it takes to look after either a dog or a horse, they want them as pets anyway. Dogs, are a much easier pet to care for, not to mention that they are relatively inexpensive (before food and vet care are factored in) especially if you rescue one. Horses, on the other hand, cost an astronomical amount of money in addition to the other costs to feed and house it. That’s where a horse plush toy is a fantastic idea, especially for the child that loves these beautiful creatures but will never have a real one of their own.

There are a documented 350 horse breeds but only one of those is domesticated. It is believed that horses were first tamed some 4,000 years ago by Asian nomads and until the advent of the engine, horses remained a vital and essential part of many human societies. Even today, horses are still revered and hold places of honor in many cultures.

Breeders of horses do their best to improve a horses physical performance abilities. By doing so, it has led to the creation of many different breeds of horse along with specific families or bloodlines. Within these various breeds, the end result was the creation of specialists at performing certain tasks with the utmost excellence.

Arabian horses of the desert developed the ability to travel long distances with both speed and endurance. They were also able to survive in the harshest of environments. Once domesticated by humans, it added an additional attribute to their already established natural abilities. In northern Europe, horses that had thick, warm coats, were domesticated so they could work as farm animals, able to pull plows or wagons. Later on, through selective breeding, this same horse was developed so that they were both strong and ridable for armored knights to be able to ride into battle.

Centuries later, when Europeans wanted horses that were faster than what could be produced locally, they imported Arabians and other Asian breeds so they could cross-breed them with the local, heavier animals. Breeds like the thoroughbred were developed from this type of selective breeding.

Later on, in more modern times, the people that settled in the Americas needed a horse that could work with cattle. Arabians and Thoroughbreds were cross bred with Spanish horses that were descendants of both wild and domesticated horses (having been brought over by the Conquistadors) which led to the creation of the American Quarter horse.

When it comes to a horse plush toy, a child is not really interested in what breed it is. With a horse plush toy, a child can fall in love with the idea of riding off to some distant land with just their horse. There are some horse plush toys on the market that are in fact ridable, though they won’t go much further than the spot in which they stand on the floor. Still, being able to get on to the ‘saddle’ of a horse plush toy is a real thrill for any child.

Angeline Hope is a collector of plush horse toys. You can view a selection of horse stuffed animal toys at MyBigPlush.

Horse Training vs Horse Breaking

Many think they are one and the same and perhaps there are many who use them in conversation meaning them to be one and the same. There is a vast difference between the two terms so vast you can say they are polar opposites of one another. A horse is an animal with a very limited, small brain and it cannot absorb a barrage of commands thrown at him.

Breaking a horse is doing just that: forcing a horse to do whatever you will have him do with whatever means you have at hand that you wish to use to make that happen ..whether it be flogging with a whip or reins kicking with the stirrups yanking on the lunge line. It all results in breaking the spirit of the horse which then becomes and animal that will never be of good use to you or anyone else ever again.

Training a horse calls on using practices completely opposite of the “breaking” technique.

A horse needs to be worked with using unflappable patience. It needs to be ground trained before anyone ever attempts to get on his back. Ground training begins with helping the animal know where he is in relation to you at all times. Then it requires building a trust in it toward you for a horse by nature is a jittery animal and untrained will as likely as not bolt upon any sudden noise or even slight disturbance.

It may take weeks to train every step but once that training sticks, it is there. So take your time and do it well. It is quite like riding a bike: once you learn, you don’t forget. A horse is like that. Once he learns, he won’t forget, and that goes along with any maltreatment set on him. That too is never forgotten.

A horse can only learn in sequence. Teach him one thing. Then once learned, teach him what follows. It takes on a pattern for the horse. Master comes, halter on; out of the stall, bridle on, saddle on. Step by step, depending on what you are going to ask him to do. Every action comes to be learned in a series of steps leading to the culmination of whatever the action is to be. The more patience and time you give your horse to learn these steps: the greater a jewel you will ultimately have in your hands.

Without these two elements- patience and time- you will only wind up with a broken horse, and you will also have broken yourself for you will never have given yourself the opportunity to learn what it really is to build that true bond that is formed between man and horse.

Horse training vs horse breaking- nowhere near remotely the same.

John Grayson- working with horses all his life, still shakes his head sadly whenever he hears of a “broken” horse. Follow along in his blog: Equestrian Corner

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Following Trends in Horse Racing Handicapping or Knowing When to Zig or Zag

Perhaps you’ve had this experience when handicapping horse races.  You start out with a plan to pick winners in a certain way and develop your own little method.  It starts to show promise and then starts going sour on you.  You started out by winning a little or perhaps even a lot, but then you watch your winnings dissolving and even start to lose money.  You wonder if you should stop or if the method you were using will start working again.  Does this scenario resonate with you?

One of the most common responses you’ll get when you ask a horse player how he or she is doing is, “Up and down.”  Gambling on horses is a roller coaster ride, both financially and emotionally.  The problem is that it is hard to tell if you’re winning or losing at the moment.  One way to solve this problem is to work in modules.  You can set aside your next twenty bets as a module, for instance and just keep track of them and see if you make money.

Whatever the length of the module happens to be, if you continue using the same criteria and start to have a history of modules to look at, you may be able to determine if you’re really winning or losing.  It may also teach you other things about your career as a horse player.  If you find twenty races too cumbersome, you can always use fewer races.

The same method may be applied to the race results at your favorite track.  You can use it to spot trends and those trends may be the very reason you are losing that money back.  Just be careful when looking at trends or setting up modules that you don’t start over reacting to normal fluctuations.  Knee jerk reactions will set you on a course of chasing the normal aberrations in statistics as though they were a long term pattern.

On the other hand, if you see that in your last three modules over a two week period a certain factor, say early speed, has lost a lot of its clout, you may be able to change your method slightly to account for that.  Weighting factors formally or informally, depending upon how rigid your guidelines may be, will adjust your method of picking winners according to changes in the track as well as the changes in the horses themselves.

One example of this adjustment process if the natural maturing of horses that occurs every year, but gets little notice by the bettors.  I’m talking about how a horse that is three weeks away from becoming a four year old is considered a three year old, even though it is nearly a year older and about to be considered a four year old.  While stewards make weight allowances and adjustments throughout the year as the horses mature, how many of the bettors won’t bet a three year old against older horses, even when it is just weeks or even days away from becoming a four year old?

If your modules show more and more three year olds beating four year olds, it is just because they are maturing and learning how to race as they also become stronger.  How many other trends do you think you could spot if you had a month or two of modules to compare?

If you want to learn how a horse owner and insider handicaps just go to and get the truth. Bill Peterson is a former horse race owner and professional handicapper. To see all Bill’s horse racing material go to Horse Racing Handicapping, Bill’s handicapping store.

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Horse Racing Handicapping Hidden Moves Angles That Result in Big Winners

Picking horse racing winners by spotting big speed figures is not hard to do, but unfortunately, it doesn’t pay well enough to make your bets profitable.  Just sticking with the horse with the highest last speed fig or average will only result in low priced winners and your losses will outweigh your winnings.  You need to dig deeper to make money betting on horses.  One angle that works well is to identify a middle move that shows real ability.

By identifying a move during a race that doesn’t stand out to the crowd, but shows a horse is ready to win at the right level, you can cash a winning ticket at a good price if the horse is dropped in class.  But how do you know when a horse is ready to win?  Pace figures can help you to see secret moves that others miss.  For instance, it isn’t just how high a runner’s pace figures are that matters.  It is also how they change throughout the contest.

Let’s say a horse starts in a $ 10,000 claiming race and shows a 60 pace figure for the first quarter.  In the next quarter it registers an 85.  It finishes the race with a 65 and a final speed figure of 65.  The eventual winner of the race finished with an 80 and posted an early pace figure of 70, and second quarter of 72 with a final speed figure of 74.  It appears that the first horse was severely over matched.

But look closer at those pace and speed figures and look at the tremendous move our loser made between the first and second quarter calls.  It accelerated from a 60 pace figure to an 85!  In other words, the jockey sprinted the horse all out in the early stages of the race and challenged the leader only to drop back.  He used his horse up at the wrong point.

The winner sprinted out of the gate and posted an 80 leaving the loser behind, but the second quarter found the loser racing up to contend with the front runner only to fade.  The jockey made up too much ground and lost all chance of winning due to haste.

Now was that intentional?  Did the trainer want to know if the horse was fit and ready and had a chance to win at a slightly lower level?  The answer may well be, yes.  That was a  very athletic move and cost the runner any chance at winning.  Now if it is dropped to a lower level, it may maintain a more rational pace and easily compete throughout all stages of the event.

What makes this a great betting angle?  The crowd will look at the final speed figure and see a 65, 9 points lower than the eventual winner.  If that is also lower than the par for the race it is in today at a lower class, they may dismiss the horse and figure it is still over matched, while nothing could be further from the truth.  

Look closely at each pace figure for a horse and learn to spot big differences that mean there was a middle move in a race that sapped the horse’s reserves and set it up for failure.  It may well get a better and smoother trip next time out and win easily.

If you want to learn how a horse owner and insider handicaps just go to and get the truth. Bill Peterson is a former horse race owner and professional handicapper. To see all Bill’s horse racing material go to Horse Racing Handicapping, Bill’s handicapping store.

Frisco Texas Top 5

There is just so much to do at Frisco that it is hard to boil it all down to the top 5 things to do. But it is still a helpful thing to quickly go through best of the many different kind of things that you can do at Frisco, Texas.

Amateur Sports

If you are in to amateur sports, you are going to love Frisco. There are several amateur sports outfits in Frisco that have regular games, matches and championships. You will be able to witness perhaps the next big stars in the pro circuit at the amateur level. These are the players that will go on to become national stars in the near future and Texas has always produced some of the best sportsmen and women in the country.

Pro Sports

Frisco is home to sports venues such as the Dr. Peppers Ballpark, Dr. Peppers Arena and the Pizza Hut Park. These places are home to the Minor League team Frisco Rough Riders (a Texas Ranger AA affiliate), the official home of the Dallas Stars and home to the FC Dallas respectively. With so much sporting action happening all around the city all the time, sports fans are sure to have a gala time in the city.


Shopping in Frisco is an experience unto itself. This city is home to one of the largest malls in the Southwest — the Stonebriar Center. This place has just about everything that you can think of. From brand stores to individual boutique stores to departmental stores and food places of every kind — you will find it all here. Special attractions include a 24 screen theatre and an ice rink, all within the same shopping mall. Another great place to shop in is the IKEA store in Frisco. The Frisco IKEA store is a huge affair. With over 10,000 products on display, 56 different room combination’s, 4 model houses, a supervised children’s play area and a whole Swedish Restaurant — this place is bustling with activity all the time.


Frisco has a great art scene that attracts a lot of artists, followers and patrons from all over the place. The city is also home to one of the largest and best private collections of modern sculpture art in the country. The Texas Sculpture Garden and International Art is located on the Hall Office park and is surrounded by lush greenery and a beautiful walking path. There are also more sculptures to be seen at the Central Park and some other places too.


Frisco is quickly becoming renowned for its regular festivals. There is the ‘Arts in the Square’ fest in March that happens at the Frisco Square and the ‘Frisco Freedom Fest’ on the 4th of July. Later in the year in October, there is the famous ‘Lone Star Storytelling Festival’ and also the Frisco arts festival that happens in the same month.

So now when you are in Frisco, you will know what not to miss out on. But make sure you explore the city to get in to the other fun things that happen here.

Frisco is located 20 minutes north of downtown Dallas, and 25 minutes from both Dallas Fort Worth International Airport and Love Field. Explore all there is to see and do in Frisco Texas. There are a lot of Things to do Near Dallas

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Texas Beach Towns

It’s the time of year again when many people start thinking about where to take their summer vacation. Soon kids will be out of school for the summer and you know it would feel great to go down to the gulf and enjoy the beach. Down here in Texas it’s sunny every day right now and the water feels amazing at about 75F degrees. All you really need to do is decide which of the three major beach towns you’d like to visit: Galveston, Corpus Christi, or South Padre.


Galveston, Texas is a really fun place to visit. This is a little island at the very bottom of Texas and it has a really fun atmosphere. There’s an annual bike rally that draws more bikers than any other bike rally in the state. There’s almost always something going on at The Strand, a road that runs through the center of downtown Galveston, and tons of shops for you to browse through. The attitude of all the shop owners and residents is really pleasant and laid back. On top of all this is the quick access to the beach and several beaches to choose from. If you want to learn how to surf, Galveston is a great place to get started.

Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi, Texas is another prime beach town on the Gulf of Mexico that you should consider visiting. This is a much larger city than Galveston with a variety of people and businesses. There are plenty of hotels to stay in during your visit. If you want to stay downtown you might consider staying in one of the Omni Hotels. If you’re going to Corpus Christi to surf or learn to surf, you might want to stay in a hotel on North Padre Island. There are numerous events to check into during your stay in Corpus Christi; you’re guaranteed to not be bored during your vacation.

South Padre Island

South Padre Island, Texas is another island further south than Galveston and very close to the border of Mexico. This island also has a pleasant atmosphere and numerous shops for you to visit and hotels to stay in. Anyone looking to surf in Texas that is already experienced in the sport will want to strongly consider taking their coastal surf trip in South Padre. The beaches in South Padre enjoy 8-12 foot waves year round, and up to 15 foot waves in tropical storm conditions.

Find out more about Texas beach towns before taking your trip to be sure you travel to the spot that suits you best. Surfers and soon-to-be surfers can also find maps to surf spots all along the coast, as well as local wave expectations.

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Is Hedging Bets on Horse Races a Good Idea Or a Losing Strategy

Some handicappers think the only reasonable bet to place on a horse is a win bet. Other people point out that breakage eats up flat win bet profits while exotics, that use multiple races but only payout once, are a way around the insidious damage done to the bankroll by breakage.

I am a big fan of win betting, but also allow that there are times when a wise handicapper can use good math skills to find other bets that make economical sense. The whole point of betting on horses is to make a profit, right? Therefore, I think a good motto for a would be pro handicapper should be, “whatever works.”

That means finding the right situation based on statistic inconsistency in how the crowd apportions wagers to risk. In other words, if the chances of winning outweigh the risk of losing. If you can make a profit over the long run, any bet is good.

Making a win bet and seeing your horse get nipped at the wire can be frustrating. I have had runs of bad luck when my horses kept getting beaten at the wire. After a while you start looking at those place payoffs and asking yourself if there isn’t some wisdom in backing your bets up by placing a place wager along with that win bet.

I can almost guarantee that you will no sooner start doing that and your horses will start winning and the measly place payoffs will seem pretty small compared to what you would have earned with straight win bets. Once again, I speak from experience.

The answer to this dilemma is to keep good records and to know if the difference in consistency is worth the trade off for a drop in revenue. If you know how many more times you would have cashed a place ticket and how much profit you would have made on place bets, then you can accurately gauge the value of hedging your bets. There are some people who do as well with place bets as they do with win bets.

The most consistent horse racing systems have to have the basics and a handicapper must understand the basics. I have been around horse racing for 50 years including as an owner. Without the basics the rest is not going to do any good. If you want to learn how a horse owner and insider handicaps just go to and get the truth.

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Advanced Texas Holdem – 3 Tips To Figuring Out Your Opponents Cards

There is a good-enough method of figuring out your opponents cards – making it as if you could see right through the back of them. And I’m going to share with you some tips on how to be able to do this a lot easier and a lot faster.

Advanced Texas Holdem X-Ray Vision Tip #1

The first thing to do is find out the range of cards you opponents will play. Most players don’t even bother with poor cards like 7-2, 8-3, 6-2 – you know the ones, the ones that no one plays. So you can cross these off.

Advanced Texas Holdem X-Ray Vision Tip #2

A good trick to further narrow it down is to just count how many pots your opponent will play at pre-flop. Add up your own too. Now, the players that play more pots than you are more loose and the players that play less than you are more tight. So you can use your own starting hand info to calculate their general starting hands as well.

Advanced Texas Holdem X-Ray Vision Tip #3

Another great tip is to constantly check and verify. There are multiple ways of doing this. Firstly, you should be watching when any player goes to the showdown and note what cards they win with when they show them. You’ll probably see a lot of paint and pocket pairs, but especially note if anyone wins with something else.

Secondly, and this is a slightly more expensive route, but when you play down to a showdown and aren’t too confident, you might just call your opponents raise to see his cards. You know you’ll probably lose and you should probably fold, but it is sometimes often very good to see what he has and keep him honest.

I’m sure you are becoming more aware that there are some very effective, albeit sneaky ways to figure out what cards you opponents have. And you are probably realizing that there are a lot more than you have thought of or know.

That’s why I want to make the point that you should go out and find more of these advanced Texas Holdem tips and tricks, because when you find and learn these you become a very good poker player very quickly. So please, never turn down an opportunity to learn how to play poker better, because when you constantly do you become a very bad poker player.

And those who are always learning and reading become very good poker players.

Advanced Texas Holdem – 3 Tips On How To Play Aggressively

Do you wonder how to play aggressively very easily? Well these advanced Texas Holdem tips will teach you how now.

Do You Want To Learn More About Playing Advanced Texas Holdem?
If So, Download My Brand New Free Tips Ebook here:
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Texas: Home of the Cowboys

During childhood, kids would always want to become cowboys and Indians shooting each other. They would typically run with a broom stick and scream on top of their lungs with sounds of gun fire coming from their own voices. Some things never really change. Though the wild west had already gone, there are still people who want to become cowboys. In American culture being a cowboy is equal to a man’s machismo. But sometimes there are times when the modern times is just too much for a dream to continue.

Nowadays, instead of riding horses, people ride motorized vehicles. Before cars were invented, horses ruled the wild west. This was the day to day mode of transportation. Before any other motorized vehicle was invented, wagons would be carried by a number of horses in order to travel fast. There was no need for fuel before. Horses feed on grass that makes it easier for the rider’s part to sustain his ride. Horses were used for so many things. Horses were used for so many things back then. If you are sending a letter to another person, it may take weeks before it reaches him since horses would be used for long distance communications. Now though it is really backward compared to today’s time; there are still times that the dream of becoming a cowboy is just way too big to die out in the modern world.

There are still people who like riding horses. Though they are becoming rare as people now drive cars. They are still out there. Some people ride horses for fun and recreation and some even made a sport of riding horses. In the Olympics, there is a sport that uses horses, its called equestrian or horseback riding. This has now become a legitimate sports. Truly, the use of horses is really far from over. Since there is a steadily increasing number of people besides those people part of equestrian; who really engage in riding horses.

And when it comes to riding horses, you would need to have a saddle. A saddle would be compared to a car seat of today. Without a properly functioning saddle, the one who rides the horse would actually find it hard to traverse long distance rides or even short distance rides. For this reason, there are companies in Texas who specializes in repair, maintenance and custom made saddles.

Saddles in USA will never die out. Since the wild west has grown into the culture of America from past to present; some dreams are just to big to die out and riding a horse would be one of them. Custom saddles in Texas are actually selling like pancakes to accentuate the personality of the person who rides the horse. Western saddles in Texas are really common since Texas is actually a home to the great history of America. Do you remember the Alamo? Asked by David Crocket. Horse tack in Texas is also getting popular since there are still a lot of people using horses. Saddle repair in Texas is fast becoming fast commodity as people try to ride as comfortable as they can with their horses.

Andrew Beene is an expert writer that writer about Saddles USA, Custom saddles Texas, Western Saddles Texas.For more information about the site, visit