Texas Hill Country and Wine

When one thinks of wine, maybe their first thoughts are of Northern California,  the Napa Valley region, or parts of Italy and France – but few realize how many wineries are in Texas.


In Central Texas, there are close to 3,200 acres of vineyards. Grapes produced here are numerous and include: Blanc du Bois, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Carignane, Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc, Gewurztraminer, Grenache, Lenoir, Malbec, Merlot, Mourvedre, Muscadine, Muscat Canelli, Mustang, Noble, Norton, Orange Muscat, Palomino, Petit Verdot, Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir, Primitivo, Riesling, Roussanne, Ruby Cabernet, Sangiovese, Sauvignon Blanc, Sauvignon Musque, Scuppernong, Semillon, Syrah, Touriga Nacional, Viognier, Zinfandel.


The highest numbers of plantings in the state are for the Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay grapes followed by Chenin blanc and Sauvignon blanc.


Believe it or not, Texas has a long history of wine production. Portions of the state have the perfect climate – that of being sunny and dry, which many compare to regions in Portugal.


The first wines in Texas were thought to be produced by Spanish missionaries in the 1650s. These Franciscan priests initially planted vines in West Texas near El Paso. The wine was used for sacramental purposes.


With Prohibition, much of the Texas wine industry was ruined. Families and companies stopped growing grapes and making commercial wine. Even today, 254 Texas counties have dry laws.


Despite setbacks, Texas became fruitful again. Today, the state is divided into three main wine growing regions due to the areas vast diversity in microclimates. There is the North-Central Region, the Eastern Region, and the South-Eastern Region. The North-Central region includes the northern third of the state from New Mexico across the Texas Panhandle toward Dallas. The South-Eastern Region includes the area around Austin, San Antonio and Houston. Last is the Trans-Pecos Region.


Grape harvesting in Texas usually occurs toward the end of July, which is two months earlier than in California and about three months earlier than France.


With all of these grapes there are of course the wineries. In Texas there are a reported 160 wineries. The largest winery is operated by the University of Texas with 1,000 acres, which was established in 1987. The second largest winery is the Llano Estacado Winery.


There are many ways to tour Texas Wine Country. There are tour companies which include luxury mini-buses to limo service. You can also take your own car and enjoy the beautiful drive.


If you want to sample the wine without visiting the winery, there are numerous restaurants in Texas who pride themselves on selling wine produced in Texas.


As for those in the Texas Hill country, there are many wineries to be visited along with beautiful tasting rooms. Some of the more popular include Becker Vineyards, located between Fredericksburg and Stonewall and Grape Creek Vineyard. Additional vineyards include:  Alamosa Wine Cellars, Bending Branch, Chisholm Trail, Comfort Cellars Winery, Driftwood Estate, Dry Comal Creek Vineyards, Duchman Family Winery, Fall Creek Vineyards, Flat Creek Estate, Fredericksburg Winery  McReynolds Winery, Pedernales Cellars, Perissos Vineyards, Pillar Bluff Vineyards, Rancho Ponte Vineyard, Singing Water Vineyards, Sister Creek Vineyards, Solaro Estate, Spicewood, Stone House Vineyard, Texas Hills Vineyard, Texas Legato Winery, Torre di Pietra, William Chris Vineyards, Woodrose


As you can see there are a number of wineries and vineyards to visit just in the Central Texas region.  When visiting, take your time, enjoy the drive and the grounds and most importantly, enjoy the wide variety of tastes you will experience.

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Texas Holdem Poker On Facebook

Texas HoldEm Poker is a Facebook application that is listed under the Gaming and Just for Fun categories. What is Facebook and what is Texas HoldEm Poker? Facebook
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Applications like Texas HoldEm Poker are what make Facebook fun and different. We can connect to our friends and relatives and play games online with them. Up until very recently this was not possible. However, thanks to the advancement in social websites such as Facebook we can do this today. With Facebook on your Smartphone, you will never be out of touch. It is easier than ever to stay connected using Facebook. Facebook has so many applications like the one mentioned above it is hard to choose just one or two.

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Texas Retail Electric Rates

If you’re considering moving to Texas, but you’re unsure of which major Texas City you’d like to settle in, you may want to consider comparing electricity rates in different utility service territories. The differences in prices just might influence your final decision.

The electricity market of Texas was deregulated as a result of Texas Senate Bill 7, which was passed on January 1, 2002. Before 2002 the Texas Electricity market was a monopoly, meaning customers were not allowed the choice of energy providers.

Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, and Houston are all major cities that are part of the deregulated energy market. In these cities consumers are free to decide which energy provider they would like to service their residence or place of business.

There are now a great number of websites available to consumers that will compare energy providers and compile a report of company names and current rates for the savvy consumer to peruse. There are also websites out there for the customer who wants to go green. These websites will let the conscientious customer know what percentage of companies’ energy comes from renewable sources and what percentage comes from nonrenewable sources. Consumers can even decide within the same company whether or not they want their energy to come from a renewable source. Many companies now have a regular option and a green option for customers to choose from. It is easy to find sources on the Internet nowadays. Just use your favorite browser to type in words like “energy choice” and “electric options” or Texas electric companies (if you live in Texas).

The Texas energy market is the largest one in the nation and since its deregulation in 2002; there are as many choices for the energy consumer as there are towns in the state. For the would-be Texas resident, there are some sweet deals to be had.

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Energy Conservation In Texas

Energy conservation is becoming more of a necessity and less of a choice. Not only is it becoming obvious that conserving is better for our environment, but in the economic times in which we are living, conservation is essential for saving money. Not only will it lower our bills, but conservation can also lead to tax credits and other perks. The state of Texas is at the forefront of our country’s fight to conserve.

Texas’s State Energy Conservation Office is referred to as SECO. Its aim is to work side by side with local governments, schools, businesses and even regular old residential consumers to be as energy efficient as possible and to lower the cost of energy. There are a variety of ways in which the SECO works to accomplish this, many of which are projects and programs aimed at helping Texans.

One of the biggest tactics SECO uses in pushing for energy conservation is education. The thought seems to be that the more educated and familiar Texans are on the subject, the more likely they are to conserve. SECO’s Innovative Energy Demonstration Program (IEDP) is a great example. IEDP is aimed at increasing the acceptance of renewable energy resources and technology by gaining more awareness. There is also the Energy Education Curriculum Program, which uses education to promote conservation and being energy efficient. SECO also created the Infinite Power of Texas Renewable Energy Educational Campaign, which uses demonstrations of technology and other hands-on lessons to promote renewable energy and sustainable building practices.

Funding is also important in Texas’s push for energy conservation. The Texas LoanSTAR Program (which stands for Loans to Save Texas and Resources) is one of the most successful building energy efficiency programs in the country. The program, which uses a revolving loan mechanism, has saved Texas taxpayers over $ 200 million through a variety of energy-efficiency projects for public buildings, including state agencies, school districts, institutions of higher education, county hospitals, local governments and hospitals. Borrowers repay loans through cost savings generated by the projects. LoanSTAR-funded projects have also prevented the release of 7,130 tons of nitrogen oxides (NOx), 2.1 million tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) and 4,832 tons of sulfur dioxide (SO2).

LoanSTAR is the largest and most successful state run building energy efficiency program in the country. As a result of more than 200 loans, the LoanSTAR Program has achieved total cumulative energy savings of over $ 212 million dollars, which results in direct savings to Texas Taxpayers.

Other SECO programs include: 1) Schools/Local Government Energy Program, 2) Energy Education Curriculum Program, 3) Energy Education Curriculum Program, 4) State Agencies/Higher Education Program, 5) Energy Management Services, 6) Innovative Energy Program, 7) Alternative Fuels Program, 8) Transportation Program, 9) Housing Partnership Program, 10) Pollution Mitigation Program and 11) Pantex Program.

With all these initiatives, Texas leads the country in energy production as well as consumption. Energy efficiency programs make the Lone Star state one of the most livable, housing-affordable and high-growth states in the nation.

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Popular Texas Day Trips

Traveling has become a hobby more then a necessity. Texas has the capacity to entertain visitors of all ages and all types. Some of the places are of special interest for children while others are purely for young of senior citizens. Depending upon your interest you may pick some of these and spend a day full of joy and smiles these leaving unforgettable memories for ever. It forces most of the travelers to take cheap Texas flights from around the globe.


Buckhorn Saloon and Museum Trip: It’s an entertainment complex that consists of two museums, a saloon, a bar, shooting gallery, and a gift shop. It costs no entry fee but two much entertainment at one place. It’s really a fantastic place that gives you joy, relaxation, and food and drinks all under one roof. If you grab flights to Texas you will be finding Buckhorn Museum and Saloon at a walking distance from Alamo and River Walk. For over 120 years it has been the place to witness people gathering, good food and drinks, arts crafts, and splendid wildlife exhibits.


Down Town San Antonio Trip: It’s an interesting region that is home to many worth seeing and worth visiting places such as; La Villita, Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center, the Tower of the Americas, HemisFair Park, the Alamo, Rivercenter Mall, and the Alamodom. If you take your flights to Texas you will be welcomed to many attractive sites including; the Market Square, the Aztec, Majestic Theatre, and Empire Theatre. A number of events held here throughout the year that also adds to the people coming to the region. Christmas parade is perhaps the most popular event holding here.


Market Square Trip: It’s a commercial area housing an array of restaurants, night clubs, and shops. It’s a good place to buy some artistic work. If you ever get an opportunity to take Texas flights go to the market square for getting a unique and exciting shopping, dining and entertaining experiences. A number of public markets are there to present you all you need there.


Six Flags Fiesta Trip: It is the major entertainment complex in Texas as well as in the whole of U.S.A. Established in 1992 as a small theme park The Six Flags Fiesta has now got its fame as a venue bringing thrills and excitement to guests of all ages. If you take flights to Texas from UK must take a tour to this site and take innovative roller coasters and other thrilling rides here.

Flight to Texas accommodates visitors open heartedly and warmly welcomes the people showing the eager to probe cheap flights to Texas

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Broadstone Centreport, Texas

Located in Northern Texas, Broadstone Centreport is an eco-friendly apartment community built to Green Built North Texas’s energy-efficient standards, a regional set of green building guidelines. Broadstone has the convenience of apartment living combined with single family home features and spacious interiors. There are some single family homes in the area as well as multifamily homes to create diversity in the environment as well as to promote more density to the area. Broadstone Centreport boasts great design, the latest high tech conveniences and abundant community amenities.

In terms of energy use and conservation, windows are ENERGY STAR rated. They are functional, but also have special treatments to keep temperatures regulated. Each unit has energy-use monitoring that has been enhanced. Energy costs are paid by individual tenants to encourage conservation as paying for one’s own use of the utilities encourages him/her to be more aware of their consumption patterns. Passive solar design is used for day lighting with strategically placed windows, clerestories and more. The gas furnaces are also at least 90% efficient. Electric heating is high-efficiency as well. Each single family home comes with a programmable thermostat and multifamily housing offer user-controlled thermostats for each unit. All appliances meet or exceed ENERGY STAR standards. Energy efficient lighting fixtures and bulbs are also in place.

When it comes to water use, there have been many measures taken to ensure the best use of the water supply. Aerators and low-flow units are in each apartment for the showers, sinks and toilets. An eco-roof is also used so that any rain that falls upon it is captured and put to use. Rainwater and recycled water is used for non-food/drink-related purposes so that culinary water doesn’t have to be used. To heat the water, high-efficiency heaters are used which are turned down to 120 degrees and have fully insulated systems so no heat is wasted.

Building materials were chosen with as much care as the rest of the features of the home. No-VOC interior paint was used on the ceilings and walls. Natural flooring such as marmoleum, the old fashinoned linoleum that is made out of sustainable materials, was used on the floors. Natural wood interior or exterior was used for any wood paneling. For any treated wood used within the building, it was carefully selected so that it does not contain chromium or arsenic, making it absolutely safe. Salvaged reusable building materials were also used during construction to reduce the waste for the entire project. You’ll also be impressed to know that greater than 50% of the excess construction materials were recycled rather than thrown away.

Even the community’s placement was approached strategically, situated near a wildlife area with care so that any wildlife was left undisturbed. It helps the tenants to have more respect for nature. The community has even gone one step further and distributed manuals for tenants and managers so that efforts can be kept green during occupancy. EnviroCitizen.org is impressed with communities such as Broadstone Centreport, which take green initiatives even when it comes to the smallest details

Envirocitizen.org is a comprehensive ecommerce website that combines robust commerce, content, and community.  We believe that we have created the most comprehensive site to date to make eco-friendly products, services, and information available to individuals who wish to live a green, more eco-friendly lifestyle.  Our site offers a very broad and diverse array of eco-friendly products as well as comprehensive, authoritative information and environmental education.  Additionally, users can enjoy the sense of community created by participating in our Forum.

Texas Workers Compensation Primer

In the state of Texas, workers compensation law is enacted by the Texas Legislature and administered by the Texas Department of Insurance. The U.S. Constitution and federal government have left it to the jurisdiction of the states to determine their own workers compensation laws.

That said, the United States federal government created the Federal Employment Compensation Act to provide federal employees (non-military) with compensation from injuries, disabilities, or death occurring from government work. The act is managed by the Office of Workers Compensation Programs and much of the language provided in the federal act is present in state statutes concerning workers compensation.

There are also a number of specific acts enabled to protect certain industrial workers. The Merchant Marine Act (or Jones Act), which protects seamen from employee negligence on the water, was adopted in 1920. The Federal Employment Liability Act (FELA) which protects interstate railroad workers from injury on the job. The Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation Act (LHWCA) that helps protect private maritime employees. And also a Black Lung Benefits Act which was set up for miners suffering from pneumoconiosis (black lung) and helps with disability payments to miners.

Most states are able to draw from the federal acts in place to create their own comprehensive state compensation plan. Texas workers compensation law is located in Texas Labor Code under Title 5, Workers Compensation.

Texas workers compensation laws were created to make sure employees who are injured on the job or suffer some sort of disablement will be compensated with financial stability in relative proportion to their loss. It also makes sure that the injured workers family is taken care of if such an incident occurs. Texas workers compensation statues establish the framework for these laws.

If you are an employee awarded Texas workers compensation benefits, there are four types of workers compensation benefits awarded including income, medical, burial, or death benefits and four corresponding income benefits called temporary income benefits, impairment income benefits, supplemental income benefits, and lifetime income benefits. There is a maximum amount of weekly benefits an employee may receive and it cannot exceed the SAWW or state average weekly wage.

Your income benefit is established by calculating an average of wages over the thirteen weeks prior to your injury. In this calculation you can include overtime wages and any non-monetary wages that the employer has stopped since your injury such as health insurance. An employee becomes eligible for Texas insurance benefits after missing eight days from work and benefits end when you have healed or are physically able to earn you weekly wage again, or when at the end of 104 weeks (whichever is sooner).

For more information on Texas workers compensation benefits visit their website, www.tdi.state.tx.us.

Call or contact the Ogletree Abbott Law Firm if you have any questions about your Texas Workers Compensation claims. A Texas workers compensation lawyer can help you complete all the required Texas Workers Compensation forms and represent you in your workers comp claim.

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Texas Flag Goof Up!

Tx is the land of the ranchers and cowboys, much better acknowledged as the Lone Star Point out. While it remains a pivotal component of the U.S., quite a few of the Texan laws differ from that of the other states of this nation. For instance, while points like worker’s compensation insurance are a obligatory function of other states, Tx breaks out by creating this an optional feature that a firm and employer could possibly or may well not decide to contain in their employment particulars.

World of warcraft, That is Preposterous

It is alright to be a small diverse but there are times when points that take place in Tx are totally unexplainable. Latest information suggests that in the county ballots of a person of the counties in the state of Texas, the inhabitants mistook the flag for another region, Chile, and hoisted that flag as a substitute of the flag of Tx! This makes us wonder about the lack of prevalent sense and information in the minds of these inhabitants. This could of program be a genuine mistake but what an incredibly ridiculous one particular it is. What took place to attention of detail?

Heading Higher

Another issue that has stored Tx in the information is the raising charge of divorces in the condition. While most states appear to be likely via the similar, Texan divorce charges have greater exponentially in the last several many years. Divorce lawyers are fairly mainly because of it, very much to the bane of society. Relying on how difficult their situation is in terms of house, land, and assets appropriation as effectively as whether there are children present in the marriage, a divorce lawyer in Tx have his work minimize out for him.

The Correct Option

While hiring a divorce attorney in Tx, keep in mind to get some consumer testimonials to judge the effectiveness, professionalism, and personality of the lawyer. This will assist you in the extended run as a significant portion of the end result of your divorce relies upon the capabilities of your divorce lawyer. The sum that you spend or acquire as settlement or alimony also relies upon the negotiation abilities of the divorce attorney that you make a decision to hire. As such, make the proper selection of a divorce attorney who represents Texas’s heritage and work ethic proudly.

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Texas Energy Options

The only constant in the world of energy is change. As time goes on, of course, the rate of change only accelerates. This quality makes it pretty hard to keep up with the news in the energy sector. Power companies are always discovering new sources of electricity. Government agencies are always figuring out new and better ways to balance power requirements with environmental necessities. Let’s take a look at the energy news in February 2010. If you read this news time capsule one year from now or five years from now or more, it will be interesting to see how big or how little an effect the new developments had on how you receive and use power.

In the view of many, smart meters are the future of residential electricity billing. These meters are “smart” because they are capable of sending you feedback regarding how much energy you use in real time. Once you are able to read, for example, an e-mail containing charts detailing your electricity consumption, you can take steps to decrease your bill before the billing period is over. One of the big problems with smart meters is the cost to purchase and install one. Once that money is spent, however, they pay for themselves in the long run.

Loren Stuffy, a blogger with the Houston Chronicle, brings up a smart meter concern most people might not have considered: will people actually use them? Stuffy notes that after a brief time as the proud owner of a smart meter, he and his wife simply stopped looking at it. The readout device itself became a countertop nuisance. As time passes, will a smart meter actually become a part of your energy savings plan?

Global climate change has been accompanied by a rise in the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. CO2 is, of course, a byproduct of burning the fossil fuels used in electric plants: coal, oil and natural gas. Texas has been particularly lucky when it comes to devising ways to reduce the effects of this discharge. Skyonic, a company in Austin, received a 3-million-dollar contract to chemically change carbon dioxide into baking soda (NAHCO3). Instead of trapping heat in the atmosphere, power plant emissions could instead be used to make baked goods in a few short years.

The possible benefit of a wide-scale rollout of solar energy collectors has a lot of people excited in February, 2010. Tom Fowler, a reporter for the Chronicle, affirms that Texas is number one in solar energy potential, but is only number nine in actual power generation. The goal, according to a group of business, government and environmental leaders, is to boost solar production to 1000 megawatts by 2015, all the way up to 5000 megawatts by 2025. Even better, Texas companies are in great position to take advantage of this increase. Fort Worth’s ExelTech and Entech Solar, for example, both produce components that are required by solar farms.

Nuclear energy, when properly used, is a safe and plentiful source of electricity. While Texas already has four nuclear reactors (the South Texas Project and Comanche Peak), there has been a push to add capacity. Due to concerns over costs, a planned nuclear power plant in San Antonio is looking increasingly likely. Elizabeth Souder, a reporter for the Dallas Morning News, detailed this latest step in NRG Energy’s hopes to build a new facility.

These and other projects are part of the larger story with regard to Texas energy. One of the most striking facets of the story is the gradual increase in consumption (as well as the accompanying increase in generation). In five or ten years, today’s figures will probably look anemic when compared to the latest figures. In the short period between 1990 and 2007, the total amount of energy generated in the United States rose to 405,653 megawatts from 281,560 megawatts. That’s a big jump!

In October of 2009, Texans used 14,000 barrels of oil for electricity generation (0.4% of the total United States figure). During that same month, the state’s residents consumed 108,243 million cubic feet of natural gas, nearly twenty percent of the amount consumed by the entire country. Texans also used nearly 11% of the coal burned by American power plants.

Whatever these numbers will be in the future, or whichever alternative sources of energy we choose to utilize, it will be interesting to see what happened to stories that were important to the Texas energy community in February 2010.

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HR Jobs: Texas Opportunities

Are you looking for HR jobs at Texas? Well then you have come to the right place. In this article, we are going to give you an in depth idea of what kind of HR jobs you can have in this state. But first of all, it is important to have an idea of the state.

The State

By terms of both population and area, Texas is the second largest state of the United States. The name symbolizes “allies” or “friends” and was first used by the Spanish to the Caddo County. This state is located in the South Central United States. It has a large area of 268,820 square miles and 24.7 million residents.

The largest city of the state is Houston. This is also the fourth largest city in the United States. The second largest city of the state is San Antonio. This city is also the seventh largest city in United States. As a result, most of the economic and financial activities are concentrated around these two cities.

In 2008, the gross state domestic product of Texas was $ 1.224 trillion. This was the second highest number in the country. After Tokyo Prefecture and California, the economy of Texas is the largest in country subdivisions of the world.

Abundant natural resources, varied population and the geography are mainly responsible for the development of the state. This is one state which has the largest number of Fortune 500 company headquarters. There are about 346,000 millionaires in this state alone. This is the second highest number in the nation.

Agriculture and mining are the main industries. The energy business has risen due to the discovery of oil fields. High tech areas have also developed near the Austin and Dallas area. These are also great places for HR jobs.

The Job

When you have such a highly developed economy, it becomes easier to find jobs. Texas HR jobs are concentrated in the two big cities of Houston and San Antonio. But if you are interested in doing internship in HR, then you could very well consider being in Plano. If you have experience, then there are lots of companies looking for HR Managers in Dallas.

Texas HR work is also found in Danbury, Dallas and Austin. Are you interested in the position of an HR assistant? Then you could try your luck in Sugar Land. Companies like Pepsi are looking for HR coordinators in Plano. Richardson is a budding field for HR specialists.

HR work in Texas is also found in FortWorth. Are you interested in being an HR Analyst? HR jobs in Texas in this position are also found in The Woodlands. Finally, Lewisville, Post, San Marcos and Corsicana are some other places which are great places for HR jobs at Texas.

No matter wherever you are in the state, it is possible to find HR jobs. This is mainly because of the affluent commercial sector that thrives through construction, insurance and banking, wholesale and retail industries.

Tenet Healthcare, Whole Foods Market, Blockbuster, Kimberly-Clark, Landry’s Restaurants, Men’s Warehouses and AT&T are some of the Fortune 500 Companies in the Texas. These companies are always on the lookout of HR professionals.

So if you want HR jobs at Texas, you can contact these companies and you will definitely be able to find some work with them.

Silas Reed, Writer for HRCrossing, writes articles that inform and teach about different HR job profiles.  Please visit http://www.HRcrossing.com and sign up for a FREE trial to gain access to ALL of the many exclusive job listings we offer in the HR profession.